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History: Buddenbrook House in Luebeck - well worth a visit - displays in English (the last time we looked - 2002)
Luebeck's Museums - Also, visit Lübeck early December for the best Christmas markets in a wonderful setting - Don't miss this café > Click here - select English version and then Café
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Kunsthalle - Art Museum - Hamburg - Oct 2003
Above - Hamburg Art Museum - Click for details in English - Next to main train station
Tip: As we have all found out to our dismay, all the shops are closed on Sundays in Germany! If you are looking for a good present for a birthday etc, visit the Museum's book shop on a Sunday. The post office, just round the corner in the main train station is also open. So if you forget during the week, or you don't have time, you can also go there or use the shops in the Wandelhalle in the station - includes flower shops, stationary, limited and expensive food shopping and book shops plus the Body Shop - all open Sunday
Past Events
Hamburg's Annual "British Day" - 7 Page Photo Gallery - Hamburg English Pages Special Feature
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Photos below: Hamburg English Pages, unless stated - all rights reserved. Full size photo prices, on CD, as an E-Mail or as prints, on request. Photography, retouching service, digital photo-albums and more by request - please send us an E-Mail or call today. Photos in Video format, or for Real Player, PowerPoint and Quicktime etc. Details available
Slide show index
1. Elvis spotted in Hamburg outside Versace in 2002
2. Hamburg Harbour - twice
3. Life around the Alster
4. Flags on the white sand river beaches below Hamburg-Blankenese
5. A shopping arcade in Hamburg city centre
6. A Hamburg City centre canal
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Berliner Bogen - March 2004
City centre
Spring 2002 in Hamburg
Removing the old...
Work on the Klein Flottbek S-Bahn train station removing the old..
..bringing the new
Bringing the new
On the way to Hamburg harbour
A Chinese container ship on the Elbe
Well worth a visit
Hamburg-Oevelgoenne - Museum Harbour with a number of cafés
Falkenstein Beach in Hamburg  
Signs of times gone by - Hamburg-Falkenstein beach
Trucks on a Chinese ship
How not to pack trucks
Top Photo Art
Blue U3 - created from a photo
On the Alster U3-Train Art - Photo taken in Hamburg harbour during the Harbour birthday celebrations - May 2002

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2003 Update: A Rainbow of Colour Choices - When deciding on what colour to use, there are a variety of influences that you should keep in mind, by Eileen E. Flynn
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