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Sources for property advertising and tips
Hamburg-web - Rooms to rent etc Hamburg-web - Rooms wanted etc
Hamburg-web - Property to rent etc Hamburg-web - Property wanted etc Property Exchange - Wohnraumbörse Hamburg
2006: Newspapers for property: scroll down to Immobilien Anzeigen - Abendblatt and (see green Immobilien button) Translate pages by pasting the web address into
Use E-Bay. Add a postcode from where you want to find property and enter 10, 25 or 50km radius to cut down your search. E-Bay Germany (Immobilien). It may work via after translating in the tool first
Google Apartment search - using, because the results are better than with or - the results are partly in English. Change the word Apartment or add words, towns etc to suit your search requirments - try the search again with US and UK Google and use the translate links that appear next to German language results
Properties, flats, apartments and houses etc, free until further notice. Note: Property is handled or sold by Estate Agents in the UK. Real Estate is an American term - knowing this could help, if you are searching for European property on, for example, Google. The same applies to the word Flat, which means Apartment in the USA
Please use our Official Page to find some official requirements needed to live in Germany - short-term or long term. Basic tips: Plan well, contact the German Embassy and get a green card before, not after, you come over - Europeans need to do the same, without the green card
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Kleinanzeigen Hamburg | For Sale Notices Hamburg - Updated December 2009 is the best local paper for selling items for free or for a charge etc. Beware, the phone starts ringing at 6am! We recommend that there are two or more people present when strangers visit. Do not give away the fact that you are female in ads, unless unavoidable. Typically female items such as handbags, should be sold with someone present.
If you sell items without a declaration, "Sold as seen" you are offering a guarantee for the item. The buyer can ask for his/her money back by law! Second-hand cars and electrical goods are good examples - sell cars using a form available from most stationers and don't buy a car without one. If you give away items in the AVIS, you will be inundated with calls from very difficult people and the phone will keep ringing for 3 days or so, from 6am to 11pm. We suggest that all callers should be told to come within a two hour period, as half of them don't turn up - first come, first served. It depends on the item in question, as to the level of difficulties experienced. Try not to call back too often as this increases your costs - switch answer machines off. If you do not want to deliver items, make this clear in your text
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