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Can you help? We need addresses, advice centres, your tips and advice. Please Tell us how you managed to overcome any difficulties, about your success stories and difficulties. Anything from buying a house, legal matters and getting married to importing cars (see Travel Page), working here (Job Page) and registering (this page). Our visitors need to know as much as possible. However insignificant it may appear, somebody could benefit from your experience and you will be helping others overcome some of the difficulties encountered in Germany. Your help to add to the information on this page would be greatly appreciated by all or for general information

Services offered by the
Hamburg Welcome Centre

Dead link removed and replaced 28.02.2010

General services to new residents, housing information service, special services for qualified professionals, and services to foreign students. Daily life in Hamburg. Work. Housing. School and education. Study and research. Children and family. Culture and lifestyle. Photos by nicolls d.zine ©

Sept 2009 | There are even special places to get married in Hamburg: German or click here for rough translation

Berlin | 19.05.2008 - The US has just finished its landmark brand new embassy in Berlin, but not everyone is happy about it - Expatica
German customs hotline and information page in English
2008 School holidays for Hamburg and Germany (pdf)

LG2G Expat Legal Guide for Germany

Visas for Great Britain - Online Only Application System
These details were passed on to us

From 1st February 2006, all those applying in Germany for a British visa will only be able to apply using an online application system. The online system is already available and has been used by many applicants, but from 1 February all applications must be made using this procedure.

Germany will follow the successful examples of France and Spain, using the cutting edge technology which leads applicants through the application process step-by-step. This ensures that each section of the application process is completed before allowing the applicant to proceed. This in itself speeds up the visa process, as visa staff will no longer have to chase up missing or incorrect information. The computer link into the online application system is on our website:

Once you have completed the application form you will have the choice of either making an appointment or submitting your application by post or via a courier company. Please note that after 1 February 2006 we will not accept public callers without an appointment. Appointments can be made online on the Embassy website.

The main advantages of this system are:

The step-by-step online process helps guide you through questions and answers ending with a completed e-application to print and submit. An immediate e-mail acknowledgement and reference number is generated.
The e-application system uses an encryption programme to ensure the secure transmission of your personal information.
You receive automatic e-mail notifications during various stages of the e-application system.
From 1 February 2006 you must complete an application form on-line in order to access a link to the appointments site. You then print this and bring it with the documentation listed within the "required documents" page of the website.

You may also send it by post, or through a courier company (details of companies are on the website) with the documents listed on the "required documents" page. Please ensure that you provide the correct visa fees.

British Consulate General Hamburg

13.10.2005 - The British Consulate-General (left) in Hamburg closed in September 2006. A very sad day for Anglo-German relations. Hamburg was not amused, Local companies may lose interest, allowing the Chinese to take over. Story one and story two - see links on these pages for more. Inside the former British Consulate-General - scroll down to 50th Anniversary photo link in the HAMBURG GALLERY.

The basic Hamburg Consulate is open:

British Consulate
Neuer Jungfernstieg 20 / Fehlandtstr. 3
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 44 80 32 – 0


13.10.2005 - Hamburg Mayor Ole von Beust, respects decision, despite all his efforts being in vain. The Mayor had tried everything including a major cost cutting special offer.
Ambassador suggests that a representitive covering
Hamburg from Berlin will be enough. But who here believes that? Click here for all Consulate Abendblatt stories over a longer period.
Hamburg Mayor, Ole von Beust - centre
Photo ©: Hamburg English Pages in CCH.

Ole von Beust just after winning the Hamburg elections


Hamburg School Holiday Dates The Hamburg Abendblatt Calendar (pdf)


Drivers jeopardise lives and licences by risking it the next day. It takes time for your body to process alcohol... Please click here

Penalties for drink driving in the UK include an automatic driving ban of at least 12 months, the risk of a £5,000 fine, six months in prison and a criminal record for at least 20 years if convicted.

In the last few years, a large amount of information has been collected, some of which has been added to this page. The general overview has somewhat suffered as a result. We hope to find the time to change the design and layout of this page within 2007-2008. Volunteers with experience in official matters, are more than welcome to send in suggestions and/or help. Suggestions from VISITORS, are welcome - contact
If a website is in German enter web addresses into the search window to create translation links - OR SELECT the small LANGUAGE TOOLS link on the Google start page for advanced translations. changes into German in Germany automatically, so not very helpful. If you are looking for something in a particular country, only use the Google relevant to that country, such as Google UK and Google NZ or Australia, to name a few. throws up no end of irrelevant results, before you get to the one you want
Tip: An independent check to find out which insurance is the one you need. Prices, examples and insurance search facility. Pension plan information is also available on this site. We have not put this website through the online translation tool, as official matters should be read by native speakers. Translation tools usually lead to misunderstandings
Terrorism - New Booklet Due Soon - Date of this article July 2004

The Home Office (click for website) holds primary responsibility for counter-terrorism within the UK. The section on this website, link above, provides information for the public on the threat from international terrorism, what you can do to prepare for a major emergency and what the Government is doing to protect, prevent and prepare for terrorist attacks.

If you have tip-offs or confidential information about possible terrorist activity, call the police anti-terrorist hotline in the UK: 0800 789 321

Hamburg Elections
Members of the European Union, who are officially registered in Hamburg, have limited voting rights. You will receive a yellow voting card in the post, before any election, allowing you to vote in the local/district elections (Bezirksversammlung) - not the main elections. Europeans will also receive details about voting in the European elections. More information can be found here and a rough online computer translation here. Official matters are on this page. We are not in a position to translate official documents without permission or legal knowledge
Official matters concerning satellite dishes and TV in general can be found on the Out & About page. If you would like something added to this page, please let us know

Did you know? 60% of the World's books on tax are about the German tax system! Maybe one third of all German civil servants could lose jobs, if the system (in general) was as easy to understand and work with, as in some other lands... Hopefully, the tax reforms will be coming soon and with it the courage to start a small company, among other things... The current system is programmed to generate problems, mistakes and mistrust. Mistakes lead to fines! The system creates the problem and fines you for not understandng it - logical really!

The White House
The Pentagon

Top Quick Links & External Links -
The German Federal Foreign Office - in English (
An ironic view of Germany - includes some useful info as well, hence its inclusion
Health Page - For emergency numbers, doctors, hospitals and much more
German Government related links, documents and official press releases > Select: Publications then Links

German Insurance Association

Search with the keyword "reform" on (English language site) - i.e. Health Reform, or go to the Health Page on this website
Application Secondment OSCE - Application nationality certificate - Visa application
Diplomatic relations between Iran & Germany
Employment Laws, Notices & Advice
Entry to USA Now Only Possible with Machine Readable Passport - Details Here

Top Telecommunications
Telephone Directories

One telephone number in Germany that will help you to open your lines of communication to the outside world is 008 008 123 7546

This is the English information hotline operated by Deutsche Telekom, the German phone company... read more about this story on the Expatica website

Experiences with this number should be read first! >> click here


Words you need to know for the post office: Luftpost (airmail), Drucksache (printed matter), Eilbote (special delivery), Einschreiben (registered mail), and Normalpost (surface mail)

Telegrams are expensive, but night letters (Brief-Telegramme) are more reasonable. It goes out like a telegram courier, and means basically one-day service. These days E-Mail is taking Germany by storm and FAX machines are not often accessible to individuals, although there are fax machines in some post offices. If you own a mobile phone, it might be possible for people to fax your mailbox. You can then print your fax on almost any fax machine, by following the instructions given to you by your phone company

Local calls from phone boxes/booths are called Ortsgesprache. Long distance calls (Ferngesprache) to places within Germany can be made from all phone boxes/booths; long distance calls to places outside of Germany can be made from booths that are marked by a green sign. Many phone boxes/booths can only be used by phone-cards which are sold at the post offices and TELECOM-shops. You cannot make collect calls (called R-Gesprache) from phone boxes/booths. Calls can also be made from pay phones in the post office

Top German Nationality
Basic facts on how to acquire German Nationality

Top Money & Banking
German Banks German Bank Related News
Deutsche Bundesbank in English


The euro (€), the new single European currency, became the official currency of Germany and 11 other participating countries on January 1, 1999. However, the Euro didn't go into general circulation until early in 2002. The old currency, the German mark, disappeared into history on March 1, 2002, replaced by the Euro, whose official abbreviation is "EUR." Exchange rates of participating countries are locked into a common currency fluctuating against the £ and the $.

For more details on the euro, visit:

Most widely accepted travellers’ cheques/checks are American Express, Thomas Cook and Barclays. Credit cards are not always accepted outside of major cities.


If you choose to open a bank account while in Germany, you will want to open an ordinary Girokonto (as opposed to Sparkonto), with the option of having cheques/checks. Banking by cheques is not as widely accepted in Germany as it is in some foreign countries, and it is often difficult to cash cheques. On the other hand, transferring money directly from one bank account to another is frequent and is the easiest way to pay your monthly rent. There used to be something called an account for foreigners, but we don't have the details and our unofficial source tells us it has been stopped. If the monthly amount being paid on to your account is over 1000 Euros, most banks offer free accounts without monthly bank charges

A transfer is called an Überweisung. You can establish a Dauerauftrag that transfers the money for you automatically. When you establish your account at one of the local banks, they will explain the ins and outs to you.

Currency Conversion
Calculator 1 Calculator 2
Calculator 3 Calculator 4

Top Police
POLICE: 110 - photo Chris Nicolls
Find the correct police station for your area (enter street name) or call 110 in an emergency. Call 112 for fire and rescue. For photos, emergency numbers, doctors, hospitals and much more, please visit our Health Page
Kids Zone: Strangers, Police Dogs, A Day in the Life and more
Stay safe and play your part in reducing crime

Top Useful Links

UK National Insurance Contributions & Statements, Healthcare & Benefits and Retirement Pension Forecasts & Advice for those abroad. If you are going from the United Kingdom (UK) to work or live abroad or have worked or lived in the UK but now live outside the UK, the Centre for Non-Residents can provide you with the following services:

Form Downloads

UK National Insurance Liability

Statements of UK National Insurance Contributions

Voluntary National Insurance Contributions

Healthcare Certificates

Retirement Pension Forecasts

The paperwork: What forms do I need? Other Benefits

• Contact Information

Rubbish / Refuse / Trash Rules in Germany - Thanks to JPOC - external website
Der Rechtsanwalt in Ihre Nähe > The Solicitor / Lawyer in Your Area. Non-German speakers will need help from German speakers on this website. Please feel free to use our Translator page, but please be aware that legal terms will not be 100% correct and therefore misleading. HEP takes no responsibility for translations or external websites in any form. This link is only a suggestion and as such is a matter for your own judgement
The Official Rent Prices 2003 German site - use Translation Page for entire external website
The Federal Government Achievements, talks, politics, news and much more
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc - Germany's official website in English; Health, Culture, Sport, Politics etc
Arbeitsamt (Job Centre) - Info in Hamburg - more on Jobs page
Payment for work done. You have completed work for a customer and now they won't pay. You've written a letter (or not) stating that the payment has to be made by such and such a date, or you will add interest onto the sum in question. Now the question is how much interest to charge. This website, only in German and set out according to German law, should be useful click here
Information about studying in Germany, life in Germany and Germany's university towns in English - - for example:
Do I need to know German? What about insurance?
Do I need a work permit in Germany? How do I find an apartment?
How much money do I need for my studies? Which authorities do I need to know about?
Which documents do I need? How safe am I in Germany?
DiBIS is the official Hamburg authorities database - look for translation link
DiBIS English introduction - What is it? Please read first - click here
Rubbish collection, recycling - Hamburg's official website or the Rough Translation and here is the Google search with translation options
Roadmap to Starting a Company in Germany - American Chamber
Roadmap to The 'Green Card' in Germany - American Chamber
Roadmap to Work and Residence Permits in Germany - American Chamber
Roadmap to Cultural Differences in Germany - American Chamber
Links on American Chamber of Commerce website - Acrobat Reader needed
It's OK, but where's the balance? Maniac drivers are fined less, smokers who throw cigarette butts on the street get unfairly low fines, some criminals get less, drug dealers and hooligans get off lightly and so on... let us know what you think...

Top American Driving Licenses (not British Licences) - June 2003
American employees in Hamburg can now take advantage of a new law concerning US driving licenses. The Hamburg authority you need is the Landesbetrieb für Verkehr - National Office for Traffic - (Rough Translation) which can be reached by selecting the link - open both links in case road names have been translated
More details below in the form of a letter from the American Chamber of Commerce
Reproduced with permission and with thanks
Dear AmCham,

I would like to make you aware of a new regulation in Hamburg simplifying the recognition of US drivers licenses.

For those who live and work in Hamburg, have held a US drivers license for at least five years, and have not recently been involved in a traffic accident, the procedure in Hamburg for obtaining a German drivers license has now been radically simplified. Under these conditions, US drivers license holders can now apply for an automatic conversion of their US drivers license into a German license. This is valid for all license holders regardless of which US state they are from. In addition, applicants are exempt from taking any practical and/or written tests. The necessary application forms can be found at the "Landesbetrieb für Verkehr" in Hamburg.

With this new regulation, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg has become the first German state to depart from the principle of reciprocity in recognizing US drivers licenses. For American employees in all other German states, a US drivers license can only be converted into a German drivers license under a number of complicated conditions (see the AmCham Homepage "Info Center" for more information:

AmCham Germany applauds Hamburg's new regulation and views it as a dynamic symbol for the City's and the Hamburg Senate's proven commitment to roll back bureaucracy and enhance conditions for investors. We encourage other German states as well as the German Federal Government to follow this example and radically simplify the procedure for converting US drivers licenses nationwide and take additional bold steps in improving business conditions for foreign and domestic-based businesses alike.

The information above can be found in greater detail in the attached press releases (in German). In addition, I am more than happy to assist you, if you need further information.


James Ryan Anderson


Related Links - see licence website for US states list
Original press release in German - Driving Licence info in German, or see rough translation

Top Consulates / Embassies
Click here for a list of Consulates 2nd list of Consulates
2004 - There are currently 96 Consulates in Hamburg. The French Consulate is set for closure
Note: It is advisable to call first before visiting the Consulates, due to the security measures currently in force - especially the US and British Consulates. Lists of visitors are sometimes printed, for the police at all gates, and it is advisable to be on the list to save delays and misunderstandings. The British and American Consulates have permanent security measures in force. Always carry your passport (tip: get your passport out of your jacket, well before you reach armed police)
Top U.S. Consulate-General Hamburg

Alsterufer 27/28
20354 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 (040) 411 71-100 /
411 71 304
Fax: +49 (040) 41 32 79 33
Photo: Hamburg English Pages 2003

Hours: The Consular Section is open from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, Monday through Friday.
Closed on American and German holidays Click for list
Map or Website

America Centre in Harbour City - Project: US Consulate-General and Hamburg Mayor unite. New meeting place is to promote relations between US and Germany... click on link for rough translation - Hamburger Abendblatt, 27.12.2003 - Original below
Amerika-Zentrum in der HafenCity - Projekt: US-Generalkonsulin und Bürgermeister einig. Neue Begegnungsstätte soll Beziehungen zwischen den Ländern fördern
Contributions needed from US citizens and official sources, for this section and the entire website - please use Contact Page

Top Canadian Consulate
Canadian Consulate - Hamburg
5th Floor | Ballindamm 35 | 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Consular Section: Mon-Fri, 09:30-12:30
Trade Section: Mon-Fri, 09:30-17:00

Please send HEP any Canadian related information and links you may wish to add to this website

You might like to visit for information in French. By selecting this link you are leaving the H E P website. Our links policy can be found on the Homepage under About Us.

Visit the Consulate Website or select the map

Top British Consulates

The Consulate-General has now been forced to close for reasons the Ambassador decided not to mention in his speech on the 12th September 2006. After his speech he left the Consulate shortly afterwards, more than likely due to the cold reaction to his prescence and in case he had to answer any difficult questions - who knows?

Please contact Düsseldorf, further down for commercial matters, passports and more. Press matters are now handled by the Embassy in Berlin. A simple Consulate has replaced the Consulate-General in Hamburg:

British Consulate
Neuer Jungfernstieg 20 / Fehlandtstr. 3
20354 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 44 80 32 – 0

British Consulate General Hamburg
The former British Consulate-General Hamburg, above.
Hamburg Consulate Webpage or what is left of it
Hamburg Map
Britons living abroad
What a British Consulate can do for you
...or cannot do for you
The former Consulate can be seen inside and out in the Hamburg Gallery. Douglas McAdams, the then Consul-General, gave us permission to take photos during the 50th Anniversary of the building as a Consulate. More photos, taken during the closure gathering on 12th September 2006, will be added at a later date if space permits.
Queen's Birthday Party 2004 photos
The Hamburg photo on the Embassy website was taken by HEP/nicolls d.zine (C)
The Queen's Golden Jubilee Street Party 2002 photos on the Alster Cricket Club website - Not taken by HEP. See Royal Page on HEP website for links to various European Royal websites
Top British Passports for holders living outside the UK / Visas etc

British Consulate-General


Yorckstrasse 19
40476 Düsseldorf

Passport and central commercial section (UK Trade & Investment) is based here, among many other services.

Opening hours:
0830 - 1600 hrs Monday - Thursday
0830 - 1530 hrs Friday

Tel: 0211 9448-170 - Fax: 0211 488190 - If these have been changed try 0190 700 611
1000 - 1200 and 1300 - 1600 hrs Monday - Thursday
1000 - 1200 and 1300 - 1530 hrs Friday


Photos by HEP, taken in Düsseldorf 21.07.2004. All rights reserved


Click for Düsseldorf Consulate
Click for Düsseldorf Consulate

Top New Zealand Consulate-General >> Website

Domstrasse 19
20095 Hamburg
Telephone: 0049-40-4425 550
Facsimile: 0049-40-4425 5549
E-Mail: Contact the Consulate - click here

Some of the info on the NZ Embassy website: About This Embassy, About New Zealand, Tourism in New Zealand, Business Information, Travelling to NZ (including Visa Information), New Zealanders in Germany, Online Registration
Please send HEP more information and a selection of links to add to this section

Top Embassies in Germany
Embassies list Embassies In Germany 2
The Australian Embassy is in Berlin. There is no Consulate in Hamburg

Australia: Travel advice for Australians. Embassy: Wallstrasse 76-79, 10179 Berlin-Mitte
Tel. 030 / 880088-0, Fax 030 / 880088-210

Australian Passports - Visas - Events

Please send HEP more information and a selection of links to add to this section


Top German Embassies Abroad
Worldwide German Embassies

Top A Question of Tax
The official secure online German tax declaration tool
German Tax Information
US Tax Info
US Tax & Germany
Click here for German tax info
UK tax for Brits abroad
German Tax Forms - Divided - years and types
German Taxation after Tax Reform 2000 - in Brief
More German Tax Forms See ''Archiv & Formulardownloads''

German Insurance Companies
Addresses of German Health Insurance Companies
Search for Addresses of German Insurance Companies

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

The tribunal building is 5 minutes away from Hamburg English Pages in Hamburg-Nienstedten. We are not sure if anything ever goes on in there, but it is nearby

Top General Advice & Information
Laws, By-Laws & Conventions on Conduct - click left - based on Paderborn law, but useful
Need to know? Advice: The A-Z of German law in simple terms - only in German > Translation page
USA: Machine-Readable Passport Needed from October 2003

The US Senate has endorsed a one-year extension to the requirement for travellers under the Visa Waiver Programme to hold biometric passports. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Passport Service (UKPS) welcome this decision, which will now enable British travellers with valid machine-readable passports issued before the new deadline to travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Programme up to, and beyond, October 2005.

To view the article in full, click here

USA: Machine-Readable Passport UPDATE - Travelling to the US? You now have an extra year to obtain a machine readable passport. The Foreign Office are pleased to announce that the US has granted an extension of its Visa Waiver Programme to holders of non-machine-readable British passports travelling to the United States. This means that all British passport holders, including children, travelling to the USA under the Visa Waiver Programme will need their own machine-readable passport with effect from 26 October 2004, rather than the original date of 1 October 2003. From 26 October 2004 anyone without a machine-readable passport, including children who are currently on a parent's passport, will need a visa to travel to the USA
The United States Government has announced that, with effect from 1st October 2003, all citizens - including children - of countries eligible for the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP) wishing to enter the U.S. without a visa must present a machine-readable passport (MRP). VWP (this includes British) nationals who do not have MRPs will need to obtain a US non-immigrant visa.
NB: British Passports issued during the last 10 years at the United Kingdom Passport Agency (UKPA) and the British Consulate General at Düsseldorf are machine readable.
Ab dem 01.10.2003 ist die visafreie Einreise für touristische Aufenthalte in die Vereinigten Staaten nur noch mit maschinenlesbarem Pass möglich. Reisende - auch Kinder - mit dem Ziel USA müssen ein Touristenvisa beantragen, wenn sie keinen maschinenlesbaren Pass besitzen.
NB. Britische Pässe, die in den letzten 10 Jahren von der United Kingdom Passport Agency (UKPA) und dem Britischen Generalkonsulat in Düsseldorf ausgestellt wurden, sind maschinenlesbar.
Thanks to the British Consulate-General in Hamburg for informing and sending us the above information. Reproduced with permission - more details here >>>
The Official Rent Prices 2003 German site - use Translation Page for entire external website
Flat / Apartment Rental Laws in German - Hamburg Based
Flat / Apartment Rental Laws in English - Rough translation of above
More rental laws and tips
Click left for the Federal Statistical Office Germany
Top Registration
The first form you need to fill out, when you want to live in Germany, is a ''Proof-of-Residence'' form. You'll find this at the Residents' Registration Office or "Landeseinwohnermeldeamt" in your area. Please note: Non-Europeans should read this page before leaving for Germany or before proceeding further
Meldestelle = Local registration office
Anmeldung = Registration Anmeldeformular - registration form
Mietvertrag = Rental agreement.
Vermieter = Landlord
Top When Do You Have To Register?
According to German law, you have to register with the Meldestelle within 7 days after your arrival, if you intend to stay over a prolonged period
Top Where Do You Have To Register? - DiBIS
To find out where to register and the opening hours go to DiBIS. The first page is in English. Nearly all other pages are in German. Translate each page using the tool on our Translation Page. Please note that the DIBIS website is built in such a way that page links cannot be saved and sent as an Email link to others. The link will not work. We suggest, if you find a page you need: 1. Save it into a new folder on your hard drive. 2. Go to the folder and zip it. 3. Send the compressed zip file as an Email. If this is not possible, make a note of the path you took to reach the page you needed ie: > Page 1 > Page 2 > Link on right > Text at bottom > Translation of title/Original title
What do you need to take with you? Rental agreement and Passport

Can you make an appointment? "It's possible" according to the authorities

How long does it take? When you arrive at the registration office, take a number and wait. It could take up to four hours or more, depending on the population and on how run-down the area is

What do you get at the end? A document which proves that you are registered at your new address. Look after it because you will need this piece of paper again and again as you start to open bank accounts, join libraries, rent flats/apartments, go to the toilet (irony in beaurocratic heaven) etc

Top Applying for a Residence Permit - Download Form
Where do I need to go?
  • 01. Click here for DiBIS
  • 02. Select the link: Now start DiBIS information
  • 03. Enter Anmeldung
  • 04. Select Anmeldungen Wohnsitze
  • 05. Enter the street name where you live or wish to live
  • 06. Your local office will appear, with opening times etc
  • 07. If you don't speak German, copy address in window above
  • 08. Go to our translation page
  • 09. Paste copied address with keyboard - STRG/CTRL and V
  • 10. Select translate button

If you intend to live in Germany you have to apply for a residence permit at the local Einwohnermeldeamt. The following details apply to EU and non-EU people coming to Germany as visitors, students, on business or to take up employment. Please note: Non-Europeans should read this page before proceeding further

To find out where to register and the opening hours go to DIBIS. The first page is in English. Nearly all other pages are in German. Translate each page using the tool on our Translation Page. Please note that the DIBIS website is built in such a way that page links cannot always be saved and sent as an Email link to others. The link will not work. We suggest, if you find a page you need: 1. Save it into a new folder on your hard drive. 2. Go to the folder and zip it. 3. Send the compressed zip file as an Email. If this is not possible, make a note of the path you took to reach the page you needed ie: > Page 1 > Page 2 > Link on right > Text at bottom > Translation of title/Original title
Top Where can I find more information?

Ombudsman for foreigners in Germany:

For further information please contact the Auslaenderbehoerde at Amsinckstr. 34, Hamburg, Tel.: 42839-0 for information on residence permits, or the Arbeitsamt at Tel.: 2485 - 0 for information on work permits. They rarely speak English and are usually not very helpful. Insist on advice and always note any extension number if told it, before being transferred. Ask for it quickly, as the switchboard tries to get rid of callers in a few seconds. Note all names, room numbers given, the precise location of the building and the floor. If you visit any authority building without an appointment, be sure you are the first there and you know the opening hours. Waiting times are usually long for all visitors - German, non-EU and EU citizens. Please note, although the Ausländerbehörde is in Amsinckstrasse, responsibility has now been spread out to other offices due to a problem a few years back when there was a queue of over 5000 people every day, after dual-nationality was introduced and a time limit was set for some nationalities

Top Drink packaging subject to a returnable deposit (2003)
the full German original explanation. You require Acrobat reader
Starting from 1st January 2003, packaging containing mineral water and fizzy drinks/soda , such as Coke and lemonade will be subject to a returnable deposit, such as that already in force on returnable beer bottles and some 'return' bottles. A deposit means that the initial price will be higher, but you receive the difference back when you return the empty can or bottle to the shop/store. This includes the so-called 'one-way' cans, plastic and glass bottles. This does not include juices, wine, sparkling wine, spirits/liquor and milk products (milk could be included later). Mixed products such as Shandy (known as Alsterwasser in Hamburg - beer and lemonade/soda), vodka-lemon and wine mixed with lemonade are not included. They fall into the category, wines and spirits
The amounts of deposit on returnable and previously non- returnable items
0.25 Euros - Packaging up to 1.5 litres - one-way bottle
0.50 Euros - Packaging over 1.5 litres - one-way bottle
0.25 Euros - Can of beer, which is a 'one-way' package
0.08 Euros - Reusable bottle of beer
0.25 Euros - 1 litre mineral water - one-way bottle
0.15 Euros - 1 litre mineral water - reusable bottle
Further changes due in 2003 and 2004 which includes more cans and more plastic bottles - things like milk are being considered
Top The Marriage Experience in Germany
This link appears to cover all questions, including the fee based on your earnings!
Please click here. Other pages on website have further details
Please send us your experiences in chronological order. We are interested in information from Europeans and non-Europeans, whose mother tongue is English (one partner or both). Please keep contributions short, as below. Please include the exact name of any documents (with any reference numbers), addresses and any other useful information. We would appreciate all contributions by E-Mail with "HEP Marriage Info" in the subject line. Thank you for helping us to make this your website

Cathrene kindly sent us her experiences leading up to her marriage in 2005 (English person to a German person). Sent in the first half of 2005.

I am currently encountering problems, which could be
dealt with earlier by other couples:

The wedding is on the 1st and 2nd September 2005.

In February 2005, we filled out and signed all the relevant
forms at the Standesamt in Barmbek.

The following was required for the Higher Regional
Court (das Oberlandesgericht) responsible for Hamburg
(Where we are registered) and Wildeshausen (where we
wish to get married).

From me, as an English person, the following was

- Passport (was copied and given back)
- FULL birth certificate - original copy was sent off
- A statement of income & Employment from the employer
- A statement from the Einwohnermeldeamt, regarding

From my (German) partner the following was required:

- ID & Passport (was copied and given back)
- Familienbuch from his parents
- A statement of income & Employment from the employer
- A statement from the Einwohnermeldeamt, regarding

Then we filled in and signed forms regarding my new
name, etc. etc. And everything was explained in
detail. The meeting cost ca. 50 Euros. It will cost
a further 50 Euros in Wildeshausen - This was not made
clear at the beginning, otherwise we could have dealt
with everything directly in Wildeshausen, and saved

This was in February. I received a call this morning,
to say that the application was "Abgelehnt" and that I
require an "Apostille" for my birth certificate.

These can be obtained from:

Legalisation Office
Old Admirality Building
London SW1A 2GL
Tel: 0044-2070081111

Further advice, or information can be obtained from the
British Consulate-General regarding requirements,
however, I was not told, when I first enquired,
ANYTHING about an Apostille. As you can imagine, just
16 weeks before the wedding, I am in a right panic!!!

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