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Welcome to Hamburg. Did you know that with more than 2000 bridges, Hamburg is the city with the most bridges in Europe? Many more than Amsterdam, London or Venice

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There are even special places to get married in Hamburg: In German or click here for rough translation

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Interesting - is in German. A collection of lost places, buildings, catacombs, bunkers, hidden areas, interesting lost facts and much more. Click and enter HAMBURG in SUCHE to search this fascinatng website - to roughly translate click here

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From Rathaus towards TV Tower - 27 Feb 2004
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Dammtor Train Station
From Rathaus - TV Tower - 27 Feb 2004
Harbour 2002
Harbour 2002
Harbour 2002

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Hamburg is a city of old-world charms and modern conveniences, making it a popular European travel destination. The town is nestled within a labyrinth of rivers, lakes (below) and a busy harbour and hosts exquisite architecture, churches and famous museums

Photos: nicolls d.zine

Outer Alster
Most of Hamburg's tourist attractions lie within the town centre, with the Alsterfleet canal separating the Altstadt (old town) from the Neustadt (new town). The Altstadt was partly destroyed in the Great Fire of 1842, however, the city still has plenty of grand buildings and renovated churches. Main attractions in the Altstadt include the neo-Romantic St Petri and the neo-Renaissance Rathaus. Speicherstadt etc (Harbour City) near the city centre, offers a regularly expanding area of interest including coffee houses, museums; a very large model railway and the Hamburg Dungeon Harbour - Landungsbrueken
St. Michealis

Across the canal is the Neustadt, the Baroque conoisseur's paradise. This area is home to Hamburg's famous landmark, Michaeliskirche, the largest Baroque church in northern Germany, with a history of fire and damage - photos and museum in the cellar and magnificent views from the top. Further sightseeing can be untertaken along the quaint Peterstrasse, lined with Baroque architecture which includes the Johannes Brahms Museum

The eastern side of the Neustadt (new town) is the chic shopping district, with stylish boutiques, gourmet restaurants and trendy nightclubs

The Kunstmeile (art mile) is the place to go for many of Hamburg's galleries and museums. Hamburg Kunsthalle, Galerie der Gegenwart and Deichtorhallen are all worth seeing

By car, around the city, you'll see Schanzenviertel and Karolinenviertel (places to avoid due to regular violence and problems), Alster Lakes, Reeperbahn (red-light district), St Pauli, the old Elbtunnel at Landungsbrueken and Germany's oldest Stock Exchange

An ironic view of Germany - includes some useful info as well, hence its inclusion
Hamburg-Nienstedten - English version translated by Hamburg English Pages

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View towards the Alster from the Arcade near the City Hall

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Click for camera on top of the church below
Hamburg - St. Michaelis

Greeting someone in Hamburg. Business people in Germany tend to be formal. When greeting someone, it is considered polite to rise to your feet to shake his or her hand. Others should always be addressed formally by their titles and surnames/last names, until invited to do otherwise. Shake hands each time you meet - a custom among men and women, even as friends. When shaking hands, keep eye contact, speak slowly, loudly and clearly and don't squeeze too hard or too lightly. Remember, even good non-native speakers of English have trouble understanding native speakers who speak to them as if they were in a social group of native speakers - background noise and mumbling is a hinderance. Try not to apologise too often, as this is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness, rather than politeness, or is even seen as admitting guilt rather than an apology

St. Michaelis Church left and below

Tipping. In restaurants, round the bill up to the nearest Euro as there will generally be a 10 percent service charge included. Having said that, waiters and waitresses in bars, pubs, restaurants and ice cream parlours rely on tips to top up the very low pay. Although rare, it is not unknown that they do not receive a penny of the service charge. We suggest you add 10 percent anyway. Hotels generally tend to add a service charge to their bills. If the service was not up to standard, do not add a tip. Ordering drinks at the bar is not customary, the waiters and waitresses come to the tables, even in pubs and bars - never click your fingers or whistle for service. You usually pay when you leave, except in busy bars and discos where it is difficult to keep track of all customers. A very small minority of people think it's great to sneak out without paying. Some bars deduct the lost amount from the very low wages that the service staff receive

The view from St. Michaelis

St. Michaelis

Culture. A highly cultural city, Hamburg has a cultural tradition that goes back to the Middle Ages. World-famous composers, such as Händel and Mahler, have left their marks on Hanseatic cultural history. Gustav Gruendgens made theatrical history here with his legendary production of "Faust". And the Beatles celebrated their debut at the Star Club. The Hamburg State Opera was founded in 1678 and has a world-famous reputation. Mozart and Verdi as well as contemporary works are performed here plus exciting ballet performances The theatre scene is no less active with the high point of dramatic arts performed at the renowned Deutsche Schauspielhaus and in the only slightly less famous Thalia Theatre. Comedy can be seen at the Ohnsorg Theater and in the Winterhuder Faehrhaus. English Theatre can be found on our Out & About page

Dress code. For business meetings and networking gatherings, both men and women wear suits or formal clothing. Outside the business environment, casual clothes are perfectly acceptable for most occasions. Some of the more exclusive bars, restaurants and social functions may require formal clothing

Photos: nicolls d.zine

Inner Alster Hamburg
Above, Hamburg City Centre
Churches Page - click here   Inside St. Michaelis
Hamburg City Centre
A Hamburg beach - Falkenstein
Above, Hamburg City Centre
Hamburg-Falkenstein - River Elbe Beach
Junkers   Fly in a classic Junkers at Hamburg Airport - seen flying over Nienstedten
Elbe Beach
Walk along a sandy beach on the River Elbe, near Oevelgoenne
English Church | Anglican Church
Visit the English Church - see Church page by clicking on photo
More Hamburg photos on the Weather, Home, British Day and Art/Hamburg Gallery Pages

This external website has some interesting articles and takes a bit of a stab at Brits. Anyway, ignore the irony and ill-informed comments on the site and have a look at the rest - by clicking here

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