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Welcome to our news page. Our news page consists of many links,. Please appreciate that we are not a news service. Many links will take you to websites covering up-to-the-minute news. Tip: select Google News, search for News by entering the subject, town, person etc you are searching for, then apply for the news to be sent to your mailbox
English language newspapers are available from circa 2pm in selected Hamburg newspaper shops and can usually be found in the main train station in the Wandelhalle, where one shop reportedly prints almost all English language papers. Papers might be found in Altona train station in the upper section where main-line trains leave, plus Dammtor train station, the airport and a few other sales points. They are very expensive, as are magazines. Saturday and Sunday papers, from the UK, arrive without the extra magazines and magazines with free CD's occasionally come without them. It is sometimes cheaper to have the papers sent by post or can be downloaded as a pdf- see the newspaper section and check to see if your favourite newspaper has this service. Some newspapers are offering a full online version for various prices

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The German Federal Foreign Office - in English (

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News about Hamburg Google
News about Hamburg BBC
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Google News UK | BBC News UK | Google News Worldwide | BREXIT
Numbers to call in Germany: (The Embassy)
Emergency Hotlines / Official Information
Directgov - widest range of government information and services online - Foreign Office
Discussion amongst Brits in Germany (Forum) -
Official Page on Hamburg English Pages website - includes Consulates
Link to more websites and telephone numbers

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Click here Flood Insurance
If you live in Germany your household insurance will more than likely not cover flood damage.
You will need an extra insurance known as an Erweiterte-Elementarschadenversicherung -
extended insurance for damage caused by the elements, that's only when your insurance
company has this on offer - Click on button above

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This is Roger, our mascot. We found him in the shopping centre in Hamburg central station. He's much happier now
Hello I'm Roger. I would like to start a childrens page, but I need your help. Please send me an Email today with some suggestions - thanks!
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