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Left: before and after
© Hamburg Airport. Used with permission

(C) Hamburg Airport

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Hamburg Welcome Centre

General services to new residents, housing information service, special services for qualified professionals, and services to foreign students. Daily life in Hamburg. Work. Housing. School and education. Study and research. Children and family. Culture and lifestyle


Photo: nicolls d.zine ©
Hamburg's Floating Landmark - The Rickmer Rickmers

Webcam Rathausmarkt Hamburg
Hamburg Town Hall Market/Square. This webcam was included with kind permission of / Die Einbindung dieser WebCam geschieht mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Rechtsanwälte Carlos Claussen
(C) Photos by nicolls d.zine for Hamburg English Pages -

Archive: The AIRPORT S-Bahn service started on 12th December 2008 after the official opening on the 11th. Hamburg was the only major German airport without a rail link. 2008 also saw the opening of the shopping plaza, in the middle of the two buildings, shown left (archive photo), an appealing retail centre for passengers located between Terminal 1 and 2. A new hotel opened in 2008. New car parks were opened in 2007. Many years of confusing airport road systems, due to building work, may be over.

See our A380 and AIRPORT TRAIN STATION videos here:

Two new Heathrow A380 photos - click here

Tell us about your journey on the new S-Bahn in the forum. Click the photos for more news on the AIRPORT S-Bahn

The two photos (bottom left) supplied by and used with permission of Hamburg Airport © Other photos property of nicolls d.zine -

S-Bahn train interior
(C) Hamburg Airport
(C) Hamburg Airport
Hamburg Sights - Speicherstadt
Sightseeing in Hamburg (English)
Grilling: Did you know that you are only allowed to have a BBQ circa 4 times a year, depending on local laws, and only then when the smoke does not annoy the neighbours? Often you are required to give 48 hours notice to all neighbours and football is not an excuse to go over the amount stated by law. At 10pm you are required to go indoors and keep quiet. Source: and various websites. Note if you have a problem with a landlord, we suspect you'll need to be a member of the Mieterverein for circa 12 months before you can use them to take legal action. Many landlords are members of another association known as the Eigentümerverband, who help deal with difficult tenants.
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A solar powered boat on the Inner-Alster, Hamburg City Centre
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Area: 755 sq km
Population: 1.7 million
Country: Germany
Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1
Telephone Area Code: 040
Telephone Country Code: +49
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