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Swine Flu News and Updates in our Forum. Vaccinations start in September in Germany

Thanks to the Volunteer Fire Brigade (Freiwillige Feuerwehr Nienstedten) in Hamburg-Nienstedten for the above photo. To find out about them and any events, please click on the photo or link

In Germany:
Call 110 Fire & Rescue Call 112

Plant poisoning number and links Hamburg
UK Google website search - plant poisoning

Mailing medication to Germany from the U.S - Real experiences forum. Apr/May 2008
07.01.2007. Paralysis could be treated by nerve rewiring
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UK | 1st July 2007 - England celebrates victory over smokers as the new bans take force! At least half a million deaths a year are likely to be prevented by England's smoking ban in indoor places. Employers get ready to crack down on smoking breaks. Click here
Instant Google Health News - searches worldwide news websites for current news


Drivers jeopardise lives and licences by risking it the next day. It takes time for your body to process alcohol... Please click here

Penalties for drink driving in the UK include an automatic driving ban of at least 12 months, the risk of a £5,000 fine, six months in prison and a criminal record for at least 20 years if convicted.

Flu News in Germany - see your local doctor for flu jabs - Hamburg tel' numbers here
Flu Websites on the Internet
1.03.2006 - Cat Death Puts Some German Pets on Short Leash Germany ordered cats to be kept indoors and dogs on leashes in five states hit by bird flu. DW World
22.02.2006 - The number of dead birds found with the lethal H5N1 strain of avian flu rose to 103 in north-east Germany on Tuesday. Health and agriculture officials have warned the public not to touch any dead animals because of the risk of infection to humans through direct contact with infected birds and bird carcasses. Full story -
Many people are losing their sight as a result of glaucoma despite treatment being available, according to a report by a leading charity... More
The Risk of Thrombosis. Many people are unaware of the high-risk situations that can lead to thrombosis, and it could be argued that most adults are potentially at risk some time during their lives

Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity provides detailed information about all aspects of thrombosis -

Tip: If website is in German enter web addresses into the search window to create translation links. changes into German in Germany automatically, so not very helpful. If you are looking for something in a particular country, only use the Google relevant to that country, such as Google UK and Google NZ or Australia, to name a few. throws up no end of irrelevant results, before you get to the one you want
Hair loss and skin problems (link) - One of the best places to start is Dresden. Prof. Dr. med. Michael Meurer in the University Clinic has answers about hair loss. Info only available from the University (in German)
Your eyes can feel strained and fatigued after a long session at the computer. Don’t make your eye muscles work harder than they need to. A few simple techniques will ease the burden on your eyes, by modifying conditions that contribute to eye discomfort, fatigue and headaches... Hewlett Packard shows you how

Children's Teeth. In Germany children's teeth are reaching alarming levels of decay. Many parents find it very difficult to find a dentist that children will accept and many products aimed specifically at children are just not suitable. Search Google below for fact websites.

Search here for children's Dentists in Hamburg (enter: Kinderzahnarzt + Hamburg when searching) Other health links on this page. The link above is a search entered into - doing this creates results with translate links next to them

We tried to use the telephone book search tool on to find children's dentists without any luck

Click for UK fact websites and News

This website, in German here and in rough English here, is all about children's dentists -

German Doctors working in the UK - England sucht mehr Fachärztinnen/-ärzte - there are a number of links on the page that appears. The specialists can be called in the Consulate-General in Düsseldorf - click here for Consulates, telephone numbers and addresses etc
Health in the office (PowerPoint © presentation. Download - save when prompted and play from your hard drive) - For all offices - saves on sick days and pain.. It is circa 1.69 MB in size. Click for Australian original source
A blood test on expectant mothers may predict a baby's risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), suggests new research - Other websites
Ultrasound as a breast cancer test is becoming more accepted - Though not routine, the procedure proves helpful in spotting disease among women who have dense tissue - 06.2004
Is there anything more dumb than smoking - unlikely really? Click to see more
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have discovered a protein that extends life by as much as 50 per cent - click for more - or search Google News
Sport Injuries - click to find out more
Danger washing machines. Electricity may be cheaper at night, but most fires caused by washing machines happen at night, especially with older machines. The authorities suggest, that you wash, when you can watch the machine. The risk is lower with new machines. Always check hoses, seals and tap connections and never leave the tap turned on when not in use. Remember, a washing machine can cause life threatening fires and extensive water damage - more, if you live above many apartments. If your machine caused problems, are you really covered by your insurance? Find out right now, or pay when something happens!
Each year, some 140,000 people in Germany die as a result of tobacco use - more than from AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs, traffic accidents, murders and suicides combined, according to public health officials... click above for story
How safe are you on the Internet - think u know? People online may not be who you think they are! Never meet up with people you meet online - Safety and Chat tips >>
The rate of male breast cancer is on the rise and the disease in men is usually detected when the tumors are bigger, have spread and may be more aggressive, compared to diagnosis of the disease in women... click for more
Men 'ignore cancer risk' - Young men in Britain are unaware of the risk of testicular cancer and rarely check for signs of the disease, according to a survey - Google News search - 24th May 2004
Tan Addiction, Major Health Risk - Sun Beds Dangerous - Teenagers BBC or try a Google Search
Praxisgebühr: Zahlen ohne Ende - Never ending payments? - NDR TV - German website
Find the book that tells you all you need to know - Patiententipps für den Arztbesuch - under: Gesundheit > Ratgeber or buy the book direct from - click right
The days of dentures could soon be over thanks to stem cell technology which may let people grow their own replacement teeth - Search Google for News websites
Hamburg - A German company unveiled a new portable machine that police can use to detect drug usage by drivers pulled over during traffic controls... Miami Herald or Search Google News
Die Spezialisten - Medizin in Hamburg - The Specialists - Hamburger Abendblatt
The way forward! Smoking ban in Ireland gives hope to UK campaign
19th March 2004 - Selected Hamburg related News: Includes Breast Cancer stories and a selection of links related to the reports
Scientists' anti-cancer recipes The database is aimed at protecting youngsters from developing cancer. A special website carrying anti-cancer recipes has been created by scientists at a Scottish university in a bid to cut cancer risks among teenagers - click for more...
Good News from Monday 1st March 2004: Cigarettes 0.12 Euros more expensive per cigarette and cigarettes from machines, up from 3, to 4 Euros - packet size goes up from 18 to 21. More money will be put towards the enormous health costs created by smokers, in an effort to lower deficits in health insurance - among other reasons
The light at the end of the tunnel... Scotland takes the lead in the battle against smokers - Battle lines drawn over smoking ban The Scotsman 7th Feb 2004
Hormone replacement therapy poses an "unacceptably high" risk of breast cancer recurring in women with a previous history of the disease, according to Swedish researchers who have cut short a study because of the danger involved - Guardian Unlimited - Tuesday 3rd February 2004
A Mouse-Click to Medicine - Until now, Germany has banned the sale of medicines by mail order. But a new ruling by the European Court of Justice, plus changes to German health regulations now give Germans the right to buy medicines online... more - click on link above
A teenage girl who died after falling out of a moving ambulance may have had her drinks spiked in a nightclub, police have said. - 12th Nov 2003 - Sky News - The latest horror to hit discos - related stories - What happened to the relatively harmless, fun and music only discos of the seventies? Nowadays, we only hear of fights, drunkeness, rape, over-macho ill bouncers and drugs. Maybe the answer is to be found in non-smoking discos with additional concepts and control - even achohol free discos - What to do if your drinks have been spiked or click here
Smoking May or May not Kill but We Don't Know! Daily Record UK
Treatment of slipped discs in Hamburg (english version) go to bottom of page that appears for English pdf documents - pdf requires Adobe Acrobat Reader - or see link on that page. Subjects:

The Periduralcatheter-therapy according to Salim: A new method of micro-invasive treatment of slipped discs

Sacrodyny (Pain in the ilio-sacral joint) Causes and therapy procedure

The Facets-Syndrome

Woman about to give birth to triplets - for sixth time 30.10.2003 Ananova
Gene mix makes quitting smoking easier 10 October 03
Snake Poison Against Neurodermatitis - select Translate links next to Google results for English. Note: the translator refers to snakes as queues and does not translate neurodermatitis very well
Google Health News Search - up to the minute - click here
headlines - please send us health news and advice from around the world
Gaurdian UK - Health Headlines
Scientists make breakthrough in breast cancer research 28 July 2003 - related stories here
THE SARS epidemic is officially over 24 July 2003
High fat diet link to Alzheimer's BBC High fat diet linked to breast cancer
Work Stress Can Be A Killer If Your Boss Is Nasty Enough! NZ Herald
World Health News Google News Search World Health Organisation
Health: Allergy Reaction to Food and Surroundings Affects 1 in 3
Pill 'Cuts Heart Attacks by 80%' Vegetables ward off Alzheimer's
Archive: Pictures of blocked arteries and cancerous tumours are being used by the authorities in Singpore as part of a shock strategy designed to curb a rise in smoking... more here BBC  

Gene defect explains high blood pressure BBC

Chicken checked for BSE BBC
SARS - The True Story BBC Horizon - Science SARS - Health News Search Google
SARS - What can you do to keep safe Eating pizza cuts cancer risk
SARS - detailed information Google Almonds offer hope against killer
Scientists design 'anti-cancer' tomato  
Top Health Reform Links & Info
Please select link for emergency numbers Health Reform - From 1st January 2004 (some changes due) - see Health News above as well
10 Euros to visit the doctor, specialist and dentist - only once every quarter. Other visits in the quarter are free. Includes unemployed people or anyone on benefit up to a certain limit. Privately insured patients and all children under 18 years old do not pay and now after a review of this system, visits to collect a prescription for the Pill will not be charged (ONLY if you do not need to see the doctor - pick up only).
Other info we have received - not confirmed - is that appointments to see the doctor about the pill, will only be charged once in one year - please ask first. If you visit the doctor and you are told that you need to see a specialist, you must have a transfer form (Überweisungsschein) note the date, on the top right of the document: This will enable you go the next doctor without paying again - keep doing this each time you move on to the next doctor or specialist
Info supplied, is to the best of our knowledge correct. We take no responsibility for errors - reforms. Government level remedying of mistakes in this new system, could lead to many changes in the in the next few years
Click here for an A TO Z answers and info website in German or here for a ready-made search with Google. Translation possible using the translation links provided by Google. TIP: Translation links only appear in Google if you search for German websites using when you are searching in Germany. changes automatically to German if used in Germany. It is possible to change to English at the bottom of the dot com page
A guide to German health reforms in English Expatica
Modernisation of German Health Service - The reform - Download Info in English
Regular checks are made, but if you find a dead link, please let us know - Thanks
Top General Links
Find the police station in your area - enter street name where you are
What to do if your drinks have been spiked
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
Topical Features - topics listed alphabetically on the BBC Health Pages - a goldmine of information!
Top Emergency, Doctor, Hospital Telephone Numbers & Addresses etc
Hamburg Medical Numbers - German original website
Hamburg Medical Numbers - Roughly translated English computer version
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Please open two MEDICAL NUMBER links above (English and German). If road names have been translated, please refer to the German original. Each link you select on the translated version, should remain in English. If links do not work, select the Google link above and then select the translation link provided by Google in the search results
Important health information - thanks to
Die Spezialisten - Medizin in Hamburg - The Specialists - Hamburger Abendblatt
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
Trains, ferries, buses on Travel Page (select English flag on that website)
Map: - under Suchbegriff, enter street in window
From personal experience: Emergency Numbers 110 and 112: In the event of major flooding and/or storms these numbers are mostly not available. This happened on 1st August 2002, between 5pm and 6am in Hamburg. A state of emergency was called during 6pm and 6am and all lines were jammed for many hours. The somewhat overwhelmed and impolite police operators, that were available after a few hours, denied that the fire and rescue number was jammed, despite overwhelming evidence from many sources - calls were made from Hamburg from at least 10 different sources, before the mobile system jammed
19211 German Automobile Association breakdown service 0180-25026 Car insurers central number 19222 Rescue direction centre and patient transport and emergency service
Top First Aid
Could you save a life? (Link updated: June 2009) The BBC online information explores first aid basics, including caring for children... fast first aid facts from action files and videos... shock explained... awareness - click here if link is dead again
Top Dictionaries & Reference Websites
The Risk of Thrombosis. Many people are unaware of the high-risk situations that can lead to thrombosis, and it could be argued that most adults are potentially at risk some time during their lives

Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity provides detailed information about all aspects of thrombosis -

Sport Health & Nutrition - see Sport Page
Women's Health
Medical Dictionary
Medical Dictionary 2
Medical Advice
Net Doctor - German or English
German - English Medical Terms - Enter German or English medical term in the search window next to "Suchbegriff eingeben" and press Enter on your keyboard - see left column for multiple results

Smoking kills and causes serious harm to you and the people around you, especially unborn babies, babies and children!

Friday, 3rd October 2003 | In a bid to advise smokers of the risks associated with tobacco use, cigarette packs produced for sale in Germany are now required to carry larger and more blunt warning labels

Beginning on Wednesday (October 1), packs will carry warnings such as "Smoking is deadly," "Smokers die earlier" and "Smoking causes serious harm to you and the people around you." The warnings must cover 30% of the front and 40% of the back of each pack

The new regulations also prohibit the use of terms such as "light" and "mild." The rules are mandated by an EU directive that has already been implemented in a number of other European countries

Each year, some 140,000 people in Germany die as a result of tobacco use — more than from AIDS, alcohol, illegal drugs, traffic accidents, murders and suicides combined, according to public health officials

"Cigarettes and other tobacco products are harmful to health," said German Drug Commissioner Marion Caspers-Merk. "It is import that in the future we remind each smoker of that in a detailed and straightforward way — on each pack"

Representatives of the tobacco industry meanwhile discounted the effectiveness of the new warning labels. "The warnings don't offer anything new," said Reinhard Pauling of the German Cigarette Industry Association. "Smokers have known about the health risks for 30 years"


THW (Technisches Hilfswerk) is the Governmental disaster relief organisation of the Federal Republic of Germany

Photos: HEP 2003

Top Narcotics (Drugs) Anonymous - Hamburg (English Language Website)
Those who feel they may have a problem with any drugs - legal or illegal, including alcohol - are welcome in Narcotics Anonymous. There is only one requirement for membership - the desire to stop - click on text
Top Major Breakthrough: Non-Smoking to Become the Norm

Even better is the possible introduction of a smoking ban in public places in the USA and of course the ban already in place in restaurants in America, but now the German government wants to impose stronger restrictions on smoking in public buildings and in the workplace in the context of a large-scale anti-tobacco campaign - a positive step in smoker friendly Germany. This was announced by federal government commissioner on drugs Marion Caspers-Merk in an interview published in the weekly news magazine Focus on, 9th December 2002

As indicated in its coalition agreement the government wants to carry out an anti-tobacco campaign aimed at changing public perceptions of smoking. Slated to begin in 2003, the campaign is intended to create a climate in which non-smoking becomes the norm. This was announced by the federal commissioner on drugs, Marion Caspers-Merk, in an interview published in the weekly news magazine Focus on December 9. One of the planned measures is to impose limitations on smoking in heavily frequented public buildings. On the one hand, this will give priority to protecting the health of non-smokers who make up two-thirds of the population. On the other hand, it will give smokers reason to reconsider their habit

Legislative measures

In this context drugs commissioner Caspers-Merk noted that some 40 percent of smokers say they want to stop smoking. "We just want to help them out a little with our efforts," Caspers-Merk said. Initial legislative measures aimed at influencing public perceptions of smoking will go into effect on January 1. There will be a rise in tobacco tax as well as a ban on cigarette sales to young people under the age of sixteen under a new youth protection law

With its anti-tobacco campaign the government is not seeking to marginalize smokers but rather to apply a policy mix consisting of regulation, incentives, public information campaigns, and price signals

Comment - a collection of comments found on various websites:

The horror of being forced to be near smokers may soon be over at last. The time has come to take action against smoking and smokers. Thoughtless smokers and greedy tobacco companies make life a misery for millions of people every day. In Germany, this problem is well out of control and has to be stopped at all costs. Small children can be seen every day, smoking openly, as it is thought to be cool - a result of the almost criminal flood advertising aimed at younger people. Many German smokers really believe it is their right to smoke and openly abuse non-smokers, when politely asked to stop smoking. Insurance companies have to introduce special fire insurances, as in the UK, where the yearly premium can be reduced if smoking is banned within the workplace. Tax on cigarettes has to be doubled to compensate for the burden on the health insurance system caused by smoking related diseases. Non-smokers should pay less health insurance contributions and smokers should pay more. There is no reason to smoke, our bodies were never able to inhale smoke without damage. For those of you who have lost loved ones due to this madness, send your thoughts to your health insurance companies, to tobacco companies and to governments. Help ban smoking today, don't wait for others to do it - make smoking anti-social as soon as possible and don't forget to calculate how many hours a day are lost in the workplace by some smokers taking extra breaks

Click here

The Hamburg-Nienstedten volunteer fire service cow, enjoying the view. Photo left and blue photo near the top of this page supplied by Wolfgang Cords & Henning Andresen from the fire brigade. The Nienstedten fire service website can be reached by clicking on the photo


May 1997 - Harbour Birthday Celebrations Click on photos to go back to the top
Photos taken in 1997 by HEP (scanned photos) - Hamburg English Pages
Top Hamburg Chemists / Pharmacies
Click here for the German version of link below
Open both links for Chemists that have out-of-hours services. The first link is in German and the second is a computer translated version. The translator also changes the road names, which is why you will need to refer back to the German version from time to time. Make a note of at least two pharmacies in case one is not open
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
Emergency Chemists - German Original & Emergency Chemists - Rough Translation
Entries in this section are from visitors to this website. Some links are the result of research undertaken by Hamburg English Pages
Notes/Disclaimer (extract from other disclaimers on Homepage with additions)

Hamburg English Pages has made no arrangements with any medical services for advertising purposes. All entries are tips only. Medical services are reportedly restricted by law to advertise in Germany. All decisions made as a result of using the information supplied are a matter for your own judgement. Hamburg English Pages is not responsible for any decisions made as a result of information supplied, or for the accuracy of any information and links. We distance ourselves from all content on all external websites and have no influence over errors on this website or external websites. The emergency chemists lists have not always been reliable - make a list of all or at least two chemists before leaving the house. Do not rely on any information in an emergency. Call the emergency services

Feature from Summer 2002: First the floods, now the mosquitos, click on the photo for more. Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, photographer Jim Gathany
About Mosquitos - The floods have brought millions of mosquitos with them
Top Hamburg Dentist Tips
Entries in this section are from visitors to this website who found Dentists that speak English. Hamburg English Pages has no arrangements with any medical services for advertising purposes whatsoever. All entries are tips only. Medical services are restricted by law to advertise in Germany
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
Download here a list of English speaking medical services in Hamburg
Hamburg medical services US web page from Jan 1998 Yes, 1998!!
Thanks to Christina for this message, which was sent during our test phase in 2001:

Hello. Firstly, may I say thank you for your website - once it´s up and running it will help immensely. When I first arrived here I suffered a problem with one of my teeth and was directed to a rather efficient dentist. He spoke very good English and travels round Scotland on his holidays. His reception staff did not speak English though so I would recommend that a German speaker makes the initial appointment. The details are as follows:

Dr. Christian Harms
Nikischstrasse 2
22761 Hamburg
040 891885 fax: 040 8905391

How to get there

Nikischstrasse is near the green line S-Bahn station Bahrenfeld (S1 & S11 - the S11 only runs Monday to Friday in the rush hour. The trains are marked with destination Blankenese or Wedel). When you come out of the station, you are almost facing a large wholefood/natural foods store and a bus stop. Go right, along the main road (Pfitznerstrasse) past a 2 level car park, which can be seen on the other side of the road, on the left. Nikischstrasse is the second on the right - for more travel details see our travel page

Top Hamburg Doctors - Emergency number: 040-22 80 22
Download here English speaking medical services in Hamburg Acrobat pdf format
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
Hamburg medical services US web page from Jan 1998 Yes, 1998!!

We need more entries from visitors to this website who found medical Doctors that speak English. Commercial enquiries are welcome from medical facilities that are not restricted by German law from advertising. Prices will be available during 2003/4. Hamburg English Pages has no arrangement with any day-to-day medical services for advertising purposes - those entries are tips only

Top Hamburg Area Hospitals
Hamburg Hospitals German Hamburg Hospitals Computer translated English version
Top Fire Precautions & Tips
The Hamburg Fire Brigade in English
The London Fire Brigade: How safe is your garden equipment, TV, fridge...? Occasionally products are recalled because a safety problem has been identified. Check your products on our product recalls search area. It's the most comprehensive list in the UK
You can help stop fires starting. Eighty-one per cent of fires in the home are accidents and these can be stopped by following some simple steps
Top Hamburg Fitness
Fitness Clubs in Hamburg
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
Entries in this section needed from visitors to Fitness facilities where English was understood or spoken
Top Swimming Pools & Saunas
Swimming Pools and Saunas in Hamburg - English language list
Bäderland Hamburg - owner of most swimming complexes and outdoor pools
Translation tool
Top Health Facts, Websites & Tips
The Risk of Thrombosis. Many people are unaware of the high-risk situations that can lead to thrombosis, and it could be argued that most adults are potentially at risk some time during their lives

Lifeblood: The Thrombosis Charity provides detailed information about all aspects of thrombosis -

Underground cave therapy - breathing difficulties/bronchitis etc - Website in German - Translation Page > Search with Google - just click, the search is already set up
Herbs for Hair Loss or German Forum
Alchohol & Binge Drinking - 8 pages of tips from The Scotsman
Improve Your Home Office Environment and many other tips
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc
The interactive first aid course that gives you the confidence to help others and save lives BBC
Summer Hay Fever Facts BBC
Abortion BBC
BBC Health Homepage
BBC Travel Health - Sun, Snow & Water
British Journal of Cancer - search results Google
British Journal of Cancer - website (
Everything you need to know about Cancer - Cancer Research Site
Health Journals, Documents and Facts
Health Related New Years Resolutions
Development Therapeutics Programme
Health Dictionary (English-German)
Please add your tips by sending the details by Email - see our Contact Page
Top Health Insurance
Health Insurance Websites
Addresses of German Health Insurance Companies
BGM - Federal Ministry for Health & Social Security
Official Health Related Matters Explained - Private & Public Insurances etc

UK National Insurance Contributions & Statements, Healthcare & Benefits and Retirement Pension Forecasts & Advice for those abroad. If you are going from the United Kingdom (UK) to work or live abroad or have worked or lived in the UK but now live outside the UK, the Centre for Non-Residents can provide you with the following services:

Form Downloads

UK National Insurance Liability

Statements of UK National Insurance Contributions

Voluntary National Insurance Contributions

Healthcare Certificates

Retirement Pension Forecasts

The paperwork: What forms do I need? Other Benefits

• Contact Information

Health Insurance: Germans enjoy a very high quality health-care system mostly free of charge as they pay indirectly through taxes. But you'll need to be insured to receive anything more than emergency treatment. Although most Germans speak English, it might make life easier if you can express your symptoms in German

Before leaving: Get an E111 (Brits) from the Post Office. It entitles UK residents to free or low-cost medical treatment when abroad. Consider private medical or travel insurance for what's not covered by the E111

How to fill out the E111 Form - Click here (Students follow extra link on the page that opens) or here for the latest News on the E111 form

Remember, you must get the E111 stamped and signed by the Post Office or you will not be able to use it - during an incident, we quoted our British national insurance number without the form in a German hospital. the rest was organised by the hospital and the British national insurance organisation - this might have been an exception, but it worked - don't try this unless you have to!

See official page for Consulates and Embassies - they should be your first port of call, concerning official matters and official medical matters. There are many pages of info on the websites, so you may not have to call them

This is not advisable and not to be taken as possible or confirmed: We are aware of the fact that British Army bases in Germany have post offices with E111 forms. As a civilian, you may not gain entry to the bases, but as a very last resort, ask at the gate

Once you get to Germany: You should take your E111 to an insurance company like die AOK, die Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse, die Betriebskrankenkasse or die Techniker Krankenkasse in order to obtain a settlement form, der Abrechnungsschein, or recording form, der Erfassungsschein, for free medical or dental treatment respectively. You should also ask for a list of doctors and dentists contracted to them. Note: Most companies do not speak English - you will need help, if you do not speak German

Top Bacteria
Food Reference
Top Top
Photos: taken and recreated by HEP in Hamburg unless stated

Permission to use the photos here

We take no responsibility for the content of any external websites reached by the links provided on any of our pages and websites. We hold no views in relationship to these sites and have no influence over them whatsoever. We distance ourselves from them and deny ownership of them accordingly

All links and information on any of these pages are to be treated as tips and as useful information only. The decision to be influenced by any information received, is a matter for your own judgement and not something we can control - we distance ourselves accordingly. We do not provide a promise or guarentee that any information is correct on any pages and websites

Wichtiger Hinweis zu allen Links:

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