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Top Shopping Tips
Hamburg Shopping Tips

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Top Shopping News
Telegraph UK
Women are more likely to remember the first pair of shoes, rather than the first kiss

Hamburg Art Museum - in English - Sunday Shopping Tip. As we have all found out, all the shops are still closed on Sundays in Germany! If you are looking for a good present for a birthday etc, visit the Museum's gift shop on a Sunday. The post office in the main train station is also open, just round the corner, so if you forget during the week, or you don't have time, you can also go there, or use the shops in the Wandelhalle in the station - includes flower shops, gift shops, stationary and book shops (English books, mags and papers as well - also a shop that prints almost any newspaper from anywhere in the World) plus the Body Shop - all open Sunday. For Online Newspapers, see News Page for details and Official Page for other details

A supermarket is open in Hamburg Airport. Various other shops are already open on Sundays in the airport -

Bank holidays and Sunday: Basics, such as bread and milk can be found in some bakeries, petrol/gas stations and also in main train stations. Cheese, meat, fish, vegetables and fruit on Sundays, at the Fishmarket until 9:30am

The famous Hamburg Fish Market - Sunday Shopping Tip - 5am to 9.30am/10am. Trains: S-Bahn Koenigstrasse or Reeperbahn. Photos: HEP, 2nd May 2004. All rights reserved - Details

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Top Shopping News
Germany Gears Up for 24-hour Shopping - Expatica
English Google News Search - Enter these words into / Shopping > Catalogue Shopping > Hamburg Shops > Hamburg Shopping > German Shops > German Shopping - select the translate links that appear on German Google if in German - remember, changes into German automatically in Germany, hence the use of - check etc for top online prices
Top Hamburg City
Explore Hamburg's City Centre
Top Food Shopping
Food from Home - order a selection of top British Products online, even some from the USA
LIDL, a supermarket on the Reeperbahn, is reported to be open until 10pm at night, when all others are closed
See Food & Drink page for more Wandelhalle in the main train station in Hamburg
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Top Shopping Centres

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Wandelhalle, in the main train station (Hauptbahnhof) - photo right - is open 7 days a week. Food shopping is limited and expensive
Top Alternative Shopping
Try Marktstrasse near the Television Tower, Dom-Funfair and near the Messehallen (Trade Fair Halls). Lange Reihe, near the main train station is also worth a visit as is Altona, around the Mercado Shopping Centre
Levante House in Hamburg city centre
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Order photos from Hamburg English pages. See the Hamburg Gallery link on the Art + Design page or visit our Weather and Hamburg pages plus many other pages for examples
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3D-Bodyscanner in the city centre Karstadt - allows you to be scanned for a perfect fitting suit
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Harry Potter fever worldwide!
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