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Sport in Hamburg: click here for a rough translation or for the original website in German

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Archive: The Hamburg CyClassics | 18th Aug 2007 - The city roads were closed once again on Sunday 19th August, causing the usual chaos that seems to happen so often in Hamburg. Many people will find that they cannot get out of their own houses and even crossing the road could be impossible. For fans of the CyClassics, you can find more here and here (news) or avoid it all by travelling underground - See the 2005 photos in the Hamburg Gallery. The sponsor of this event is the company which sparked concern about safety in nuclear powerstations - more here. For the next CyClassics, please follow the links. Cyclassics. If you fancy a laugh, follow the link for radsportfotos on the official website.
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Paperwork related to watersports can be downloaded in German here
Applications for the Hamburg CyClassics can usually be made here. The 2005 CyClassics can be seen in the form of photos in the Hamburg Gallery. - News: English | German
Wimbledon Tennis Google Sport
Hamburg Masters - Tennis Olympics 2012
Hamburg Masters - Tennis link 2 Swimming in Hamburg in German
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News & Results needed. What is your club doing now and in the future? What have you achieved? Tell us about your history and targets...
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''USA Today'' Olympics Page ''BBC Sport'' Winter Olympics Feature
Sport Illustrated / CNN Google Sport - 2006 Winter Olympics

Pubs in Hamburg showing Sport on TV - please send additional info
Please follow all the links, read all the info and ask the pubs before making contact with HEP. We are happy to help if you cannot find the info you need. We only have a problem with those who don't try hard enough themselves. Thanks
Sport on TV in Hamburg pubs - The website (near Rathaus) usually carries a full list of games, and the local times at which they can be seen, plus the address of the pub - phone: 040 374 3433. The Irish Rover, Großneumarkt 8 (S-Bahn Stadthausbrueke - near St. Michealis), also shows sport on TV. Phone the pub, on 040 357 146 63, to check the times. The Rover's website is More pubs on the OUT & ABOUT page. The SCOTTISH WHISKY BAR near Fabrik in Altona (Click here) could be showing Scottish matches, among others, on Sky
Search for more pubs or find pubs on our Out & About page

Healthy Eating - links updated April 2005
Healthy Eating AND Sport Nutrition. Is your sporting performance important to you? BBC
Women's Health Food & Drink Page

Hamburg Sport Classifieds -
Friendly Football meetings in Hamburg > Forum
English speaking football teams needed - not American Football, due to lack of football teams... by request... see below. American football can also be included here.
Noticed the intention of some people to play footie for fun. Was wondering if there is a club of sorts out there in Hamburg, if not, then would be good to make one, as would be great to play again. If anyone knows anything, please email me on
2004 NOTES - Groups of Iranian and German football players meet in the Stadtpark on the weekend and it is not unknown for English speaking people to be there as well - this info was passed on and not confirmed
Hello, I would be interested in getting together with English people for perhaps 5 a side football once a week, just adding my interest to the other mails. Also I am looking for football fans to watch English football with once a week at the pub or so. Wilgy:
Hello. I am looking for someone for occasional golfing in Hamburg area. I am a 32 year old English speaking man with HCP 32. Please send Hamburg English Pages an E-mail and we will pass it on to the person who asked - E-mail
Noticed the ad on the web site. I too, am looking for an English football team, or just a group of people who are happy playing once a week for a laugh. If you have heard anything or know some sort of footy group that would be great. Surely there must be enough English people in Hamburg interested in football to get a couple of 5 a side teams going! -
Hello. I'm looking for an English speaking Bridge teacher that might be able to give weekly lessons to a group of British people. Thanks and regards - Cynthia. Please send Hamburg English Pages an Email and we will pass it on to the person who asked - E-mail
Enquiry: I am desperately seeking an English speaking soccer team. I see on your sports pages that there is a rugby team and a cricket team, but surely there must also be a soccer team somewhere???

To reduce admin, all additional classifieds in this section will be shown with the advertisers own E-mail address or telephone number - please click on the E-mail link. Please appreciate, not all notices can be included. If you wish to have your E-Mail address coded against Spam, please let us know well in advance, as this takes longer. We do not guarentee that this works, but it appears to help. We can also deactivate the mail link (not clickable) and write (AT) and (POINT) which also helps. Please contact the above participants directly, as we are unable to answer any questions

Hamburg Sport

Croquet - the Queen of Games!
Just think of Alice in Wonderland!! The old Victorian game is experiencing a revival throughout the world and the number of clubs in Germany is on the increase. Our season started on 18th April 2004 in the RSV Tennis and Hockey Club, Marschweg in Rissen - to find out about the new season please contact us. There was an Open Day on Sunday 25th April 2004 for anyone interested in the game so that they could have a go for themselves. No further obligation, but we would be pleased if some of the "potentials" are interested enough to join the Club as regular players when coming along to such days.

There are training sessions every week and the Club members play regularly on Friday evenings from about 17.30 hrs. and often get together at the weekends too, weather permitting. More details from Linda Struck (040-864062 English-speaking - or Peter Ockelmann (040-869531 deutschsprechend)

Archive information. Please contact them to find out more

Hamburg Clubs in German
Australian Football League - Germany - games in Hamburg too
Golf Clubs in & around Hamburg - rough translation possible if in German - see link
Cricket Clubs in & around Hamburg - rough translation possible...
Football Clubs in & around Hamburg - English speaking Soccer clubs seem to be non-
existant in Hamburg. Keep checking this link in case something turns up
Please send us Sport infos you would like added to this section - fill in the gaps

Hamburg Exiles RFC - Rugby-Football Club
The Hamburg Exiles welcomes teams from all over Germany and Europe in various matches. Please join us - Best wishes, Stuart Ross. Send an E-Mail to Stuart Ross - Club Secretary

Exiles Website - Hamburg English Pages is not responsible for the content of external websites

Search the Internet for the Exiles

Golf in and around Hamburg

Golf Club Treudelberg
(040) 60822500

Golf- und Country Club Brunstorf
(040) 60822500

Großflottbeker Tennis-, Hockey- und Golf Club e.V.
(040) 82 72 08

Hamburger Golf-Club e.V. Falkenstein
(040) 81 21 77

Golf-Club auf der Wendlöhe
(040) 5505014

Golf Club Hamburg Ahrensburg
(04102) 57522

Golf Team Hamburg
(040) 54 46 42

Golfpark Moorfleet
(040) 78 11 28 70

Golfclub Hamburg-Holm e.V.
(04103) 913320

(040) 89 06 39 14

Swimming Pools - more on Health Page

€URO Prices - September 2004 - check first for latest prices.

One of Hamburgs ugliest buildings. (040) 223012
Price: Adult € 8 for the day (children € 4), € 5.60 (€ 2.80) for three hours and € 4.80 (€ 2.40) for one hour.

Rent individual lanes.
(040) 5518629

Two halls and differing water-relevant activities including whirlpool and water fitness.
(040) 392663

This Eppendorf swimming pool is architecturally interesting - old style.
(040) 474754

Has an outdoor pool and Taka Tuka land
(040) 6039349

For further information contact: or use the service-hotline (040) 18 88 90

Please send us a report about any pools you visit - good or bad

We need volunteer contributors on a regular basis. Please let us know if you are a sport-minded person and if you have a few minutes once a month or once a week to write about your sports experiences in Hamburg. Any photos of sports events, which took place in and around Hamburg, can be sent by E-mail with references to your club and/or company etc - contact page

Photo from British Day 2002 in Hamburg - more on our British Day feature page




Porsche 911R Video QuickTime needed to view videos
This 1967 Porsche 911R race car looks like an ordinary everyday 911 except when you look closely at parts that only look stock. The bonnet and boot are fibreglass, the engine case is magnesium, the doors are aluminium, and the list goes on... click on the link for more
More online car videos

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