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Hagenbeck's Zoo Hamburg Spring 2004

Archive: Winter in Hamburg - send your photos now
The Elbe - from Teufelsbrück to Blankenese. February 2006. (C) nicolls d.zine
A Robin in Wester Park - Hamburg-Nienstedten - 31.12.2005: Photo: HEP ©  
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1am - A Hamburg Winter in Nienstedten near the Elbe
On the Inner Alster
On the Inner Alster

Top Weather Sayings and Poems in English
Red sky at night, sailors delight! - Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning!
Red sky in the morning shepherds warning! - Red sky at night shepherds delight!
Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation | Kin Hubbard
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BBC Hamburg Weather Jan 2018 update
Our Facebook Weather Note Jan 2018 update Elbe river levels map - German
The Weather Channel Hamburg Elbe water levels - German
Hamburg Weather Elbe water levels 2
Weather warnings - German Live view of the Elbe
Snow forecast maps for Germany Deutsche Wetterdienst | Rough English
Duetsche Wetterdienst Warnungen | German Weather Service Warnings

Weather warnings for Germany with translation link. UWZ.DE. How to use the following translation link: Select this TRANSLATION link (German version) and select your area, or postcode - the pages should remain in English. If warnings are available, they will appear in text form. Select UWZ.DE for a map of Germany. Red and purple areas mean danger. Orange and yellow, pre-warnings.

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HEP Garden 2005 (C)

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Top Seasonal Hamburg Photos - Summer in Hamburg
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Summer in Hamburg Cotton Club - Jazz Music
Summer in Hamburg
The Elbe
Photos by H E P - except beach above (unknown source - all rights owned by image owner)
Top Seasonal Hamburg Photos - Spring in Hamburg

Spring Photos

Below and right: Botanic Gardens Hamburg. Below right: Hamburg English Pages garden

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FEB 2004
FEB 2004 FEB 2004
On the Elbe Hamburg English Pages Garden
Hamburg English Pages Garden On the inner Alster - Hamburg

Top Seasonal Hamburg Photos - Winter in Hamburg


Hamburg Snow - With thanks to Cathrene Rowell - January 2004 (First 4 Photos)

Hamburg Harbour near Baumwall
St. Michealis in the Snow
Below: The Alster in January 2002 Winter Photos
On the Inner Alster On the Alster
Below: Nienstedten Jenisch Haus - Nienstedten
Hamburg-Nienstedten Jenisch Haus
In the Hamburg English Pages garden
Below: Winter on the Elbe Above: Rose, end of December 2002
New sand to replace sand lost during the August 2002 floods Elbe - Teufelsbrueck
Twilight on the Elbe A car transporter ship on the Elbe
Children on a Nienstedten Lake - WesterPark


Hamburg on and near the Elbe
11th December 2002


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Top Seasonal Hamburg Photos - Autumn in Hamburg
2002 - The Botanic Gardens in Hamburg - 24th October 2002 Indian Summer 2002 - The Botanic Gardens in Hamburg - 24th October 2002
Hamburg English Pages Garden 2003 - Dahlia Hamburg English Pages Garden 2003 - Pink Rose
Indian Summer in the Botanic Gardens - Hamburg-Klein Flottbek, Sunset on the Elbe, pumpkins within the grounds of Schloss Weissenahaus (White House Mansion) on the coast in Weissenhaus & Hamburg English Pages private garden - more in the Hamburg Gallery click > click
2002 - The Botanic Gardens in Hamburg - 24th October 2002 -  Acer
2002 - The Botanic Gardens in Hamburg - 24th October 2002

Botanic Gardens Hamburg



Weissenhaus Mansion Pumpkins

Thanks again to the Graf for letting us take so many photos. Sadly, they sold the mansion, reportedly because the children were not prepared to take over. More than likely a very hard decision to make. His plans to reinstate the historic rose gardens, were probably no longer undertaken

Click photos for location, not far from Hamburg


Top Hamburg Averages
Averages and Records for Hamburg in English

Top Storms & Flooding

Top Features & News - Links
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More Space Poolside as Germans Stay Home
Record Summer in Germany - all records broken - over 40 degrees - Click here
Climate Changes
Sea-level Rise - Coastal Areas
Just for the record - Weather records broken in the UK - 4th April 2003
Global warming responsibility
Central & eastern Europe have suffered from the worst flooding in recent history
The latest weather related news in English
El Nino blamed for weather chaos...
Floods are common and costly natural disasters...
Climate Changes: Search results
Climate Changes: More search results
Global warming, it's with us now...
6 degrees centigrade rise in 100 years, instead of 20 000 years...
Flood Plains Floods are common and costly natural disasters... more
Climate Changes Search results and more Search results

Top Superstitions & Old Farmers Tales
If you know any old weather related sayings, superstitions, poems, stories or anything interesting or funny, please let us know
  • Dirty days hath September
    April June and November
    From January up to May
    The rain it raineth every day
    All the rest have thirty-one
    Without a blessed gleam of sun
    And if any of them had two-and-thirty
    They´d be just as wet and twice as dirty

  • If the cat eats hay, then wait because on the next day, it will rain like a dog´s day!
  • Mares tales, storms and gales. Mackerel sky, not 24 hours dry

  • Wind in the East - the Fish bite the least
    Wind in the West - the Fish bite the best

  • Rain on Easter Sunday, it will rain the next 7 Sundays.

  • Fog goes a hoppin´, rain comes a droppin´
    Fog in January makes a wet Spring
    Feb fog means a frost in May
    Ash Wednesday wind continues in Lent
    Cold is the night, when stars shine bright.
    If smoke goes up - clear, smoke comes down - moisture on the way

  • If you are in the east, then westerly brings the best.
    If you are in the west, easterly is the feast.

  • Mackeral sky, mackeral sky - never long wet, never long dry.
    The smooth days of January will be paid for in February and March!

  • If swans fly toward the wind, it is certain indication of a hurricane within 24 hours

  • If cocks crow during a downpour, it will be fine before night

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  • The louder the frog, the more the rain.

  • When the swallow´s nest is high, summer is dry
    When the swallow´s nest is low, you can safely reap and sow

  • No weather is ill, if the wind be still

  • Rain before seven, fine before eleven

  • A cow with its tail to the West makes the weather best,
    A cow with its tail to the East makes the weather least

  • When the wind is blowing in the North
    No fisherman should set forth,
    When the wind is blowing in the East,
    ´Tis not fit for man nor beast,
    When the wind is blowing in the South
    It brings the food over the fish´s mouth,
    When the wind is blowing in the West,
    That is when the fishing´s best!

  • The last Sunday in the month indicates
    the weather of the next month.

  • When circle around the moon t´will rain

  • If the leaves are turning up, a storm is brewing!

  • When pigs carry straw to their sties,
    bad weather may be expected

  • When Windows won´t open,
    And the salt clogs the shaker,
    The weather will favour
    The umbrella maker!
    If the moon shows a silver shield,
    Be not afraid to reap the field,
    But if she rises haloed round,
    Soon well tread on deluged ground

Top Facts
Avoiding flood damage checklist - Adobe Acrobat needed - click here
Building on flood plains... Flood Risk
Building on flood plains... BBC Panorama
Glossary of Hydrologic Terms
Sandbags, correctly filled and placed, redirect storm + debris flows away
Sand bag filling made easier...

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