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Business English The Americanisation of the German Language
Are you learning English? What is the difference between "more on" and moron or what does this mean: two police officers went to the tip after receiving a tip written with the tip of a pen while it was tipping down? Try our Learn English Page or Education Page. Try the TH test on the Learn English Page

English Teachers, Translators and Experts

Are you a dedicated, reliable and qualified English teacher, expert or translator? Would you like to have your own feature on this page, or the Learn English page? Would you be willing to find information, websites, tips and update links, in your spare time, on a volunteer basis and/or take part in our forums and groups?

Top Translation Tool - more on the Learn English Page / Education Page

To translate, copy a website address or any text and paste it in the Google translation tool using the keyboard - see left for German MS keyboard example

See our Education Page for more language related links and tools. Tip: If you are translating text into a heavily formatted WORD document, do not use the Babelfish translator, use the Google one below. The Alta-Vista text, when copied fropm the website to Word, confuses the formatting in Word and therefore creates extra work. More websites below

hamburg english pages service

There are a few people who believe translations can be done within a couple of days, cost between €10 to €100 and are simple. The facts are much different. Translations are work intensive. Technical or specialist translations have to cost more than simple text, due to the amount of extra work involved. To get a rough idea, from one external source what a translation could cost, not what it costs in Germany, please click here

Top Rough Translation of Websites - not advisable for business text
Dialect Translator Translate English into Cockney, Redneck or even...
Google translation page, plus links to various land orientated Google websites
A translation website, with special characters facility
AltaVista UK website - includes Babelfish
LEO, German, English, Dictionary

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Enter word or pattern:
Enter a word, to search for dictionary web sites that include that word. Enter a pattern consisting of letters and wildcards to search for words. Valid wildcards are * (matches zero or more letters) and ? (one letter)

Top Insert Accents and Special Characters in Word
If your keyboard does not have special German characters, you will more than likely find them under Symbols in Word. You can also programme certain keys to type them - Click here . Here you'll find some general Word tips
Assigning a Short Cut Key to a Character
If you are tired of the complex steps involved in inserting accents and special characters, here is a fast and easy way, especially if you need to type some German words using an English or French keyboard

Insert an accent or special character using a character code:

Click where you want to insert the accent or character. Make sure the NUM LOCK is on, (see top right green LED on keyboard). Hold down the ALT key, and then, using the numeric keypad, not the row of numbers, type the character code. Here are some commonly used codes when typed into some Microsoft office programmes:

0228 ä
0246 ö
0252 ü
0196 Ä
0214 Ö
0220 Ü
0223 ß
0128 €
0163 £
The following keyboard shortcuts are executed by holding down Ctrl, Alt, Shift or Win and pressing the indicated key.

When creating special symbols with an Alt key, the code numbers must be typed on your numeric keypad.

Special Symbols ( ¢ ¾ ñ ü ° ) can also be found by going to Start, Programs (or All Programs), Accessories, Character Map.
Ctrl + S = Save
Ctrl + N = New Document
Ctrl + O = Open Existing Document
Ctrl + P = Print
Ctrl + W = Close

Ctrl + L = Left Aligned
Ctrl + R = Right Aligned
Ctrl + E = Center Aligned
Ctrl + J = Justified

Ctrl + 1 = Single Line Spacing
Ctrl + 2 = Double Line Spacing
Ctrl + 5 = 1-1/2 Line Spacing

Font Styles (with text selected)
Ctrl + B = Bold
Ctrl + I = Italic
Ctrl + U = Underlined Page Scrolling
Ctrl + Home = Top of Document
Ctrl + End = Bottom of Document
Ctrl + Page Up = Top of Page
Ctrl + Page Down = Bottom of Page

Ctrl + A = Select All
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + F = Find
Ctrl + H = Find & Replace
Ctrl + Z = Undo (last editing command)
Ctrl + Y = Redo

(The following shortcuts do NOT use the Ctrl key.)
F1 = Help
F7 = Spell Checker
Shift + F7 = Thesaurus
F12 = Save As...
Alt + F4 = Exit Program
Shift + F3 = Toggles selected text
to all lower case letters
to Traditional sentence structure. Special Symbol Shortcuts
Alt + 0176 = ° (Degrees)
Alt + 0162 = ¢
Alt + 0188 = ¼
Alt + 0189 = ½
Alt + 0190 = ¾
Alt + 0178 = ²
Alt + 0179 = ³
Alt + 0163 = £
Alt + 0169 = ©
Alt + 0174 = ®
Alt + 0165 = ¥
Alt + 0177 = ±
Alt + 0185 = ¹
Alt + 0247 = ÷
Alt + 0166 = ¦
Alt + 0149 = •
Alt + 0134 = †
Alt + 0227 = ã
Alt + 0151 = —
Alt + 0150 = –

Win (Windows) Key Same as clicking on Start
Win Key + E Opens Windows Explorer
Win Key + F = Find Files & Folders
Win Key + R brings up the Run command.
Win Key + Pause/Break Key takes you to System Properties
Win Key + D toggles you between the Desktop and wherever you happen to be.

Right-Click Key

Those of you who are familiar with the codes, will know that there are two sets of numbers that can be used, three digit and four digit numbers. We have chosen the four digit numbers as they appear more often on the Internet
See our Links page for similiar websites

Top Links Selection - more on the Learn English Page / Education Page
See Links Page + English Page for dictionaries and much more
Rhymes, Synonyms, Definitions, and more
Google Glossary - Definitions search
Dialect Translator Translate English into Cockney, Redneck or even...
Writing Good Letters - Google
The Roots of English - BBC
More character codes
Further character codes
Search the Internet for more character insertion tricks
Special Character Chart for German (Has pop-ups - use ALT F4 to remove)
Typographic terms
European Commission Translation Service - English 'Style' Guide
Translation traps: A to F + G to Q + R to Z

Top English Grammar - Learn English


Photos: taken and recreated by nicolls d.zine in Hamburg, unless stated

Permission to use photos here

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