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Facebook Photos >
Archive: Down on the Ice in Hamburg on the Alster Lake | 10.02.2012
We were there in 1997, 2010 and 2012. Hamburg's Alstereisvergnügung, an ice event that only happens if it stays cold enough, for long enough, and the ice reaches a thickness of 20cm, or more. Then! Milllions of people turn up, stands with hot drinks and food appear all around the city centre lake and fun is had by all. In 1997 the stands were on the ice and it was an official event. The next official event after that happened on 10th, 11th and 12th February 2012. Although the ice froze in 2010, the go-ahead for an official event was not given due to warmer weather and uncertainty about safety. As such no stands appeared. There were major differences in the ice quality in 1997. It was very rough, having broken up and then frozen again. In 2010 and 2012, the surface of the lake was smooth enough to skate on, almost everywhere, without areas having to be smoothed, as in 1997. Please select the banner, to see our photos from 7th and 10th February 2012
, plus our feature page

Click on photo

Click on photo



Click here

Click image ©

Archive photos: The Alster froze over early 1997. The temps reached minus 18°C

Other dates via the above link

Looking for somewhere to take the children when it snows? Many people gather here, with sledges/taboggans and skis, when it snows: click for location in Hamburg-Nienstedten. Go to Westerpark and Jenischpark - right and left from point A, shown on location map that appears. More photos on Xmas 2009 page

See photo feature in our Facebook Group as well from 22/24/25.12.2009

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Long Night of the Museums Hamburg - Annual Event
English guided tours of the harbour and old warehouses etc
Flea Markets in Hamburg (similiar to Trunk/Boot Sales, but without cars). Click here
Go swimming in Hamburg (in German)
Going out to a Hamburg restaurant on Thursday, Friday or Saturday? Click to find your restaurant and phone first... most are booked. Or phone in advance. The link leads to a site in English!
Travel Page for travel related links and holiday tips

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Run by Toytown Munich. Everything from Scrabble to meet-ups in Pubs - just Click here. To post, you need to register. Buy Food & Magazines from Home here

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Hamburg-Blankenese. Photo: HEP. All rights reserved
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English guided tours. StruckTourHamburg would like to inform you, and any English speaking people who might be interested, that they will be offering two English guided tours through the Harbour City, the dockland and warehouse district (Speicherstadt) and the Speicherstadtmuseum. Details: see website. A chance to get to know a new/old part of Hamburg. - Click on ''English guided tours'' for contact information. We have been informed that the website will be updated, but that tours are still taking place, despite the lack of updates on the website

Other English guided tours: click here

Travel Page for travel related links plus holiday, weekend and day-trip tips in Germany
Sightseeing Tips - with special programme
Day Trips in or near Hamburg - Google Search in English, or select translate links next to German language results
Day trips, walks and much more, in and not far from Hamburg - top tips in English
The Elbe Cycle Routes Flyer in pdf format - in German
Walks and Tours as pdf download files
Walks - in German - Duvenstedter Brook and Wohldorfer Forest - Acrobat Reader needed
Stade, Buxtehude & Landkreis Stade - Das Alte Land - The Old Land, Germany's largest Cherry, Plum, Pear and Apple Orchards around Hamburg and further - unbelievable during Apple and Cherry blossom times. Also a great area for fans of pure Honey, cycle and walking routes
Bremen Kiel
Luebeck Wingst
Kehdingen Land Cuxhaven

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Events Hamburg search: Hamburg+Germany
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Hamburg Classic Car Races > Next event
British Days Hamburg. Click here for next event. Our videos here
Archived annual and other events | Event videos - clck here

English guided tours. StruckTourHamburg would like to inform you, and any English speaking people who might be interested, that they will be offering two English guided tours in May through the Harbour City, the dockland and warehouse district (Speicherstadt) and the Speicherstadtmuseum. One on the 13th (Hafengeburtstag) and one on the 27th. Tours start near U-Baumwall. Cost: was €9.00. Details: see website. A chance to get to know a new/old part of Hamburg. - Click on ''English guided tours'' for contact information

World Rowing Regatta - Hamburg - always first weekend in September
Exhibition Tip: Du und Deine Welt / You and Your World in Hamburg. The annual consumer fair has its roots back in 1955 as a housewives only fair. DU UND DEINE WELT is one of the largest consumer exhibitions in Germany. Novelties, trends and practical solutions: Products and ideas are presented in "live", demonstrations and advice is available. An attractive sales and information exhibition for both exhibitors and visitors with action and attractions. Dates and more...
Hamburger Abendblatt - Hamburg Live and click for (rough) translation links
Museum Days and Long Night features (NDR - German) or click for rough translation

British Chamber of Commerce - Regional Networking Events. About 100 BCCG events annually with interesting topics, speakers and companies are held in our nine regions. They are ideal for your business networking purposes. Members and guests are very welcome to any of our BCCG events in all our regions. The events are listed below by date and participation is subject to availability of tickets or seats. The list is updated when new events are listed or any changes are made. For further information on particular events, please contact the BCCG Regions directly or BCCG Central Office - Please click here for the website and then click on EVENTS

Top What's On: Websites & Tips
Travel Page for travel related links and holiday tips
Daytrip & Holiday Planner for the Hamburg / North Germany area 
Museums & Protected Buildings + Rough English
Hamburg Abendblatt Newspaper - What's On
Hamburg's Tourism Website, in English here
Messehallen Exhibition Halls - Trade Fairs etc - What's on
CCH Conferences, meetings, concerts, balls and other events + Extra Link!
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What's On Events diary + Search Out and About Website
Hamburg Tourism Info British Day Annual Event end of August
Flea markets in Hamburg German Tours
Flea markets in Hamburg Translation Sights
Sport Events Fish Market
Discos / Nightclubs The English Theatre
Theatre in Hamburg Hamburg Players
Germany Tourism
Top What's On: Elsewhere
The Brighton Festival
Looking for somewhere to go for the day, the weekend or for a week - somewhere nearby? For those of you who understand German, NDR TV has some really good tips from the Landpartie series
Top What's On: Markets
Added Apr 2007: Flea Market details in Hamburg
Weekly Markets (Wochenmärkte)
Flohmärkte (Fleamarket/Boot sale) - click on the arrow button next to Suche in and select Märkte
Please send us your website tip - theme as above or similiar

Top What's On: Christmas Events -

Permanent feature: Mad you might be saying, it's far too early to be talking about Christmas parties a few months or even over one year in advance, but did you know it usually takes a minimum of three months to set up an organised ticket based party? Organising a function and finding a venue near Christmas is usually difficult. Many started in January to book the party venue for the following December and all the other good venues were snapped up, long before Christmas by others. Some venues are booked years in advance. All this could be said for entertainers, caterers and fancy dress hire as well. Quality venues and entertainers are booked well in advance, which may act as a warning for those who are still available a few days before Christmas and New Year. If you are thinking of saving money, by paying as little as you can, remember how many cowboys there are out there!

Help might be at hand in Hamburg, as some club houses in garden association grounds remain available for longer, as do some sport association club houses. Garden association: You might have noticed large areas sectioned into private gardens with a type of garden house on each plot. In the middle of these garden areas, there is usually a club house with a telephone number on the notice board outside - these are similiar to British allotments, but mostly very beaurocratic

Many ferries and sightseeing ships and boats in the harbour and on the Alster can be booked for functions, as can some of the underground trains and historic trains.

Please send the details of events
Top What's On: Hamburger Dom - Hamburg Funfair, Dates & Tips
Taken from the top of St. Michealis
Photo above: HEP - from the top of St.Michealis Photos below: HEP - All rights reserved

Frühlingsfest - Spring Festival

Official Times/Dates Page

Dom Links keep changing - please click here to search if links do not work again

Fireworks at 22:30 on Fridays - Wednesday is Discount Day

All DOM photos: HEP 2003/4 - All rights reserved

Sommerdom - Summer Funfair

Official Times/Dates Page

Dom Links keep changing - please click here to search if links do not work again

Fireworks on Fridays - Wednesday is Discount Day

All DOM photos: HEP 2003/4 - All rights reserved

Winterdom - Winter Funfair

Official Times/Dates Page

Dom Links keep changing - please click here to search if links do not work again

Fireworks on Fridays - Wednesday is Discount Day

All DOM photos: HEP 2003/4 - All rights reserved
Click for rough translation of times and dates page - please report problems (Contact page)
Layout of funfair All DOM photos: HEP. All rights reserved
Train and bus times: - select English flag
Map - Enter: Feldstrasse / Feldstraße
The nearest train stations are yellow line U3 Feldstrasse and U3 St.Pauli. Just around the corner, red line U2 Messehallen is relatively empty at busy times. U3 trains are smaller and stations are packed, which can be extremely annoying at busy funfair times and even worse when St.Pauli is playing football at the same time. If you hear of any demos, go another day! Dom is next to two problem demo-happy and alternative areas - Sternschanze and Karolinenviertel.
Mass train-ticket controls usually take place upstairs in Feldstrasse or St.Pauli train stations during Dom times. It is not possible to leave the train station without a ticket and controllers dressed in normal clothing are on the platforms to catch those who try to catch the next train, or to stop those who go back down the steps after seeing the controllers. Take the red line train to U2 Messehallen, to lessen the chance of being caught up in the mass of people held up by the controls. It is just as close to the fun-fair.
Parking is difficult, at busy times, unless you pay extortionate parking fees. If you want to try your luck, we suggest the roads around the television tower. Pickpockets and criminals gather when the funfair is on. Gangs operate in this area, and gypsy children are often used to pick pockets. Do not take valuables with you, do not wear mobile phones on your belt and do not wear rucksacks on your back. If anyone bumps into you, check your valuables. There is a police station on the fun fair itself, to the right of the football ground club-house entrance - only open during the fair.
Prices are high for food etc
Top What's On: Past Events
a400m 14th sept 2007

Airport Days in Hamburg Airport, 15th & 16th September 2007. Hamburg English Pages was there on the 15th. The A380 landed at about 11:15am and stayed for the weekend, although it was not possible to see inside the A380. Photos and videos of various planes are now online, plus exclusive close-up shots of the A380 and also the Breitling Super Constellation starting up in clouds of smoke. See the 2003 Airport-Classics photos further down.

See the videos here. For more information about the event please visit or here for the Google automatic translation in English.

Airbus / EADS / Europcopter users: the videos are not available from the Airbus network. They can only be viewed privately. Call the helpdesk for more information.

We would like to thank the organisers for a well organised event. The press department was really professional.

dc2 (possibly) 14th sept 2007

British Day - Hamburg. Our videos - click here

The event is usually on the last August weekend/first Sept weekend in the Polo Club in Klein Flottbek. If you can donate prizes to the Tombola now in advance of the event, please contact us today. We are taking details all year, which can be passed on to the Tombola/Wheel of Fortune committee. Photo: Anton van Diem

Junkers 52 over Nienstedten - photo Chris Nicolls If you missed the Airshow see Hamburg Airport Classics 2003 and or see our Hamburg Gallery with 170 photos of the 2003 event
2003 Photos from Local Paper "MoPo"

Click for photos of past events, gardens etc
Schlagermove every year in Hamburg. Wierd but wonderful and not as bad as the techno moves. You can take part in an annual 70's style free party. Many roads are closed near the Reeperbahn, Alster and city centre - /
Grilling: Did you know that you are only allowed to have a BBQ circa 4 times a year, depending on local laws, and only then when the smoke does not annoy the neighbours? Often you are required to give 48 hours notice to all neighbours and football is not an excuse to go over the amount stated by law. At 10pm you are required to go indoors and keep quiet. Source: and various websites. Note: if you have a problem with a landlord, we suspect you'll need to be a member of the Mieterverein for circa 12 months before you can use them to take legal action. Many landlords are members of another association known as the Eigentümerverband, who help deal with difficult tenants.
The Hafengeburtstag (Harbour Birthday) was 1 day longer in 2005 - 5th to 8th May. Click here or click here for the full programme of the next event in German. Hamburg English Pages joined NDR 90,3, the local radio station on board the Thor Heyerdahl. All four days can be seen in the Hamburg Gallery. Other Harbour birthdays can also be seen there.
Click Here
Hamburg's annual Harbour Birthday Event - always in May and reported to be the biggest festival of its kind in the World - Details
Top What's On: Hamburg Fish Market
The famous Hamburg Fish Market - Sunday Shopping Tip - 5am to 10am. Trains: U3 St.Pauli and S-Bahn Koenigstrasse. Photos: HEP. All rights reserved
A unique event, every Sunday from 5am to 9:30am/10am (Starts at 7am from 16th Nov to 14th March). If you park your car in this area on Saturday night and go off to the disco or to any bars, it'll be towed away at 4am. Just before 4am, you will be amazed by the long queue of tow- trucks getting ready to cash-in, under orders of the traffic police
This is the place where the early risers go and where the party continues after the discos and bars close. Live music on two stages, German music, culinary specialties, plants, local produce... pure Hanseatic Hamburg tradition - not so much fish. If the harbour floods, this venue building is usually under water. It has been adapted to withstand regular floods. Tip: Prices drop at the end of the market. Please click here for more from an external website, plus photos and also here
Top What's On: Miniature Wonderland Hamburg

Written in August 2001: One of the biggest model railways in the world has opened its doors in the Hamburg harbour area

Twin brothers Frederik und Gerrit Braun (33) wanted to offer Hamburg an excellent tourist attraction. Since they were small boys, the brothers had always wanted to build a large model railway. Together with their father and with the help of the Hamburger Sparkasse, plus a few million German Marks, they started to build the model railway which now covers an area of 1600 sq´ metres

16th August 2001. Over 500 locomotives and 7000 Wagons can be seen taking turns on many miles of track

Great attention to detail has been taken in constructing the landscapes. Houses, cars and streets have been fitted with over 20,000 bulbs, which are all controlled by computer. Within the space of 30 Minutes, a normal day can be simulated. Guests can control certain operations, by pressing any of the over 100 switches. Over 50,000 trees, 10,000 cars etc were needed to fill the 1600 sq´ metre hall and 544 sq´ metre model railway. On one of the longest rails, it´s possible to see the German high speed trains, ICE, hurtling through the model landscape

40,000 hours have been invested in this project up to August 2001, so why not pop in and say hello and tell them how good it is. By the way, it's next to the Hamburg Dungeon, another Hamburg attraction and it is also in an area that is becoming increasingly popular through the renovation of old warehouses, that used to be in the customs only area. Coffee shops and interesting attractions are appearing regularly

For further information, or just to see the almost daily photo updates, click below. Please use the translation page to translate any pages. December 2003: See timetable on website, as queues can be very long at peak times. The active timetable helps to overcome this problem. We are aware of a film about this venue, but we do not have any details - could be NDR TV

Miniature Wonderland On The Internet - Translation Page

Top of the page Films in Hamburg has moved - please click below

Cinema | Films | Movies
Top Regular English Language Events
See Clubs Page as well | Please send your events via our Contact Page

Please use the forums/groups to add events: FACEBOOK | XING | LINKEDIN

Top English Language Theatre in Northern Germany

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Deutsches Schauspielhaus (German Theatre Hamburg) outside main train station
Top Theatre Continued
TopSwimming Pools & Saunas
Swimming Pools and Saunas in Hamburg - English language list
Bäderland Hamburg - owner of most swimming complexes and outdoor pools
Translation tool
Top Bars & Pubs
This section could be moved to a seperate page in the future. Any links to this section will lead to a notice on this page and a link to the new page
Map: Bus/Train: or for English

Tina and Gibson Kemp welcome you to
Mittelweg 27 20148 Hamburg - 040 444512
Not far from closed British Consulate-General. Bus 109 from Dammtor - bus stops just outside the door - photo taken near bus stop. Photo: (C) nicolls d.zine -

Pub meals and real ales

Hamburg - Archive 30.09.2003 - In einem englischen Pub in Hamburg, dem " Kemps " am Mittelweg, präsentierte die Universal Marketing Group gestern Abend die brandneue DVD "The Beatles With Tony Sheridan" - Musikmarkt Online
Beatles-Bildband - Abendblatt or Welt. Extra: Click for Gibson Kemp
Call during the week first for weekend opening times

The Irish Rover

Facebook Rover > includes special offers, irish stew, events and in-house theatre

The Irish Rover - click for website plus REGULAR EVENTS and THEATRE
See Theatre section, further up, as well for the ROVER REP THEATRE and H.E.A.T. - on this page


Finnegan's Pub etc

Facebook Finnegans > includes events and sport on TV

Sport on TV in Hamburg pubs - The website (near Rathaus) usually carries a full list of games and the local times at which they can be seen, plus the address of the pub - phone: 040 374 3433. The Irish Rover, Großneumarkt 8 (S-Bahn Stadthausbrueke - near St. Michealis), also shows sport on TV. Phone the pub, on 040 357 146 63, to check the times. The Rover's website is More pubs below. All pubs could change location, websites and details without informing us, so please check first. All info supplied as is. Mistakes or changes could have been made

Search for more pubs >>
Top Entertainment
We have contact to British DJ's here in Hamburg. We also know a few Latin-American and Cuban DJ's
bands, entertainers and singers
Can be added
Top DJ and Entertainment

Rough Guide

Hamburg English Pages can put you in contact with British, Cuban and German DJ's, with and without mobile disco equipment

2002 - Hiring disco equipment without DJ and CD's is a costly business in Hamburg and can cost as much as a cheap/bad DJ with equipment. Hiring a good mobile DJ starts at around 300 Euros, up to 600 Euros or more, depending on what is needed, how far they have to travel and how late you intend to finish. You pay for what you get! If you pay less than 350 Euros in Germany, you run the risk of getting a bedroom DJ, who will frighten your guests away, rather than entertain them. Saving money, only means stress. Remember, there are more people out there who think they are DJ's, than real DJ's! Many bad and cheap DJ's have ruined wedding parties, leaving the bride and bridegroom high and dry. As a result, the guests leave a lot earlier than planned. Around 70 percent of DJ's in Hamburg fall into the risk catagory, so it pays to ask for crudentials and references. We can usually tell a good DJ by his/her CD/record collection, choice of mobile disco equipment and the fact that there is a back-up amplifier, among many important crudentials. Good DJ's usually do not speak too much about ability, when asked, but when the sales pitch gets out of hand, you usually have a bad one. A contract and a tax number should be offered. A so-called Gewerbeschein should be available

The ability of a DJ to make and break a party, or even a commercially run disco, is still underestimated, even after years of ruined parties. It's amazing how the no-profit price that a cowboy DJ charges, spreads like wildfire, but the ability of a professional DJ remains a secret. A good DJ must be able to read the body language of the people on the the dance floor, plus the body language of people who are sitting and standing. His or her musical preferences have been left at home. A DJ who arrives with one box of records and starts to mix one record into the other with their head down and headphones on, is not concentrating on the people around them and cannot know what is needed in advance. These DJ's usually only mix what they have prepared and repeat the exercise throughout the evening (they are incapable of anything else), often resulting in Techno megamixes being played at weddings without a single traditional record being played at all and commercial discos going bankrupt. A club DJ (without disco equipment) who knows what he/she is doing and has excellent musc knowledge, is not available at the weekend for less than 200 Euros per 4 hour evening (2002) - extra if longer, usually more depending on the reputation, ability, CD/record collection and name. If your DJ, without equipment, accepts 100 Euros, don't be suprised when the evening is a failure, or a regular event loses visitors fast - regular events will never see the visitors again and they will tell others not to go

A good DJ concentrates on the people around him, 100 percent of the time and can mix one record into the other if needed, but only then. He or she rarely sits and does not allow people to regularly disturb them in thier work area. They take music requests without complaining and only play them at the correct time, not straight away or if playable without losing guests. He/she does not allow countless speeches and breaks to ruin the continuity and atmosphere and organises a plan of action in advance with organisers to avoid problems. Breaks in an evening, that have not been carefully planned have a hidden psychlogical effect on the guests and results in impatience and guests leaving early. A DJ needs about 10 to 30 minutes to warm the guests up after every break, depending on whether the guests are the dancing type, or not

You have now organised your venue. But did you know that if you have a sunny terrace, or bar, that is far away or seperate from the dancefloor, the dancefloor will remain empty, regardless of how good your DJ or band is? Make sure your dancefloor is where your guests are likely to stand or sit and that it is not too big. Guests never dance on a massive dancefloor, especially if you only have 100 guests. Last but not least, your entertainment will require access to the venue about 2 hours in advance. 1 hour is alright, but if a technical problem arises during testing, there will be no more time to rectify it. If you organise a band and a DJ, make sure that the band does not take all the available space and visa-versa

Cheques/Checks are not welcome and payment a few days later, not at all. Sadly, some party organisers do not pay, or try to pay less at the end of the evening, resulting in some entertainers insisting on payment in advance or deposits. I personally believe payment should be made in advance

Professional DJ's can also include personal tips here and we would like to hear your experiences concerning booking music for your event or party - good or bad. See top of page for interactive groups and contact page

Further DJ, event and music tips will be included here, if received. If you would like to add your experiences, then please send us a short summary, which could be included here. We would appreciate knowing if you would like your first name or full name mentioned or not at all. You can post your tips in our groups and we will copy it here

Music & Radio etc
Top radio info and news
40 years ago a young Irish entrepreneur Ronan O'Rahilly founded Britain's first offshore radio station. Radio Caroline instantly became a household name. Caroline's continued existence became a lifetime mission for Ronan
Online UK Radio List
BBC Funk Show... Movers, shakers, groovers, funksters, you know who you are… click this
Disco Radio Listings Disco Flavoured House on BBC 1 EXTRA
British Governments have regulated radio from the outset - this is a very interesting website and includes details of censorship at its worst and also shows how much the BBC has changed its attitude problems over the years
Northern Soul and Motown Radio using Real Player - see below for PLAYER downloads
Lost for words after visiting local Hamburg discos/clubs? Get back up to date Fridays on Capital FM - the Club Chart from London - hear it online here
The real KISS FM's (many have tried to copy) are only in London and the USA - London or New York. KISS FM London started as a pirate radio station and was very good for the first few years. In recent times, they have become a bit like all the others and the last two website designs have been painful to say the least - KissFM London
On the Internet: As with most radio stations, the music gets better on Friday and Saturday evenings - the best time to avoid many radio stations is Saturday during the day, due to continued, overdone football and sport reports. Capital FM has a special party megamix every Saturday. Every New Years Eve and Christmas Eve they broadcast a special long version. Jazz FM is well worth listening to during the day and classic DJ's Tony Blackburn and Paul Gambacinni can also be found there every week - The high point of the week on JazzFM, is early Sunday morning - the HED KANDI show
Funk, Soul and Disco Internet Radio using WinAmp - Click here
Top music
The Beatles Platz in Hamburg
Read the Wiki on this area dedicated to the Beatles in Hamburg. The English used needs improvement
USA. Get a Licence to make & distribute a recording -
Salsa, Funk, Dance and more - Internet radio links - in Spanish, but easy to navigate
Top tv info and news Live TV TV TV & Radio TV
Satellite for UK ex-pats and Brits
Satellite & Cable TV Links - read the FAQ's very carefully
By the way, if anyone is considering satellite TV and you are renting an apartment, you might need to know, that as a foreigner in Germany, you have the right to have access to TV programmes in your own language, even if your German neighbours have been refused permission to have a dish fitted. You will have to ask where you can fit the dish. If all else fails and you have a balcony, set the dish up, using a sun umbrella stand. If the dish was fixed to the building it could cause damage that your landlord could object to - this includes damage caused by lightening, so be careful as the dish may need to be earthed and insured. Using a sun umbrella stand, reportedly means that the dish is no longer a fixed object and has a different status in law - it also appears to be possible to screw the dish onto the railings of a balcony. I am aware of at least 10 people who have managed to do this. So far they have had no objections. Sadly, I don't have a balcony... We have not confirmed all of this, so take care not to go ahead without checking first. We have also received info that German law banning dishes goes against European law and human rights. A test case in the courts should be taking place sometime, which could result in you and the German population having the right to have a dish - we do not have any other info, only these links > one - two - three - we are not in a position to translate legal matters - please use our translation page for a rough translation, but be aware that misunderstandings could take place
The Death of MTV. Do you miss MTV? What happened to MTV? Germany: Ever since MTV went German, new depths of non-entertainment have been achieved. Odd contests, plasticine puppets cut bits off each other, sex, Ozzy Osbourne and his pointless effort and music seems to have taken last place alongside wanna-be VJ's. OK MTV, when is Music TV and quality coming back? Hey, Ray Cox, come back and save what's left! It's getting as bad as German commercial TV and Radio - swearing, insulting rap, sex all day and so-called conveyor belt stars that cannot sing and even worse Big Brother, Dieter Bohlen, Star Search, Fame Academy or Boy Groups! Who wants to set up quality music TV or Radio? - Tell us, we really do have some ideas and still hope its not too late!

Top Top

Useful words: Hamburg, Theatre, Theater, Kino, Cinema, Arcade, Entertainment, Unterhaltung, Englisch, English, Films, Movies, Pictures, Current, Latest, Programme, Programm, Program, Music, Musik, Festival, Promis, Promi, Prominent, Clicke, Circle, Seats, Tickets, Kaufen, Sales, Hotel, Übnernachtung, Stay, Overnight, Tourism, Tour, Ice, Show, Stage, Bühne, Club, Disco, Night, Matinee, Special, Whats, What's, On, Out, About, Stars, Red, Carpet, Photos, Photo, Poster, Museum, Museen, Museums, Art, Kunst, Halle, Kunsthalle, Karten, Cheap, Günstig, Billig, Taxi, Night bus, Nachtbus, Press, Presse, Industry, Hollywood
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A Hamburg Squirrel in Nienstedten. Copyrighted >
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