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The cross from the English Church

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  Hamburg Churches Map and Routes in English

The Annual Hamburg Long Night of the Churches Event

Left: St. Michaelis and The English Church

Photo : nicolls d.zine



Night of the Churches Hamburg and

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Top Hamburg Church Photos - Please send us yours
Hamburg's Landmark Church St. Michaelis and other churches in and around Hamburg, Germany
St. Michaelis (left). Click on graphic to see inside the church. Below, the church in Nienstedten - click photo to go to website
2004 - CLICK FOR NIENSTEDTEN CHURCH. Has been restored to its original colour since this photo was taken

Photos taken by HEP in 2002 to 2004
A view of Hamburg from the top of the Hamburg landmark St. Michaelis

Top The English Church - Anglican



Photos: ©

The Anglican Church
of St.Thomas à Becket
20459 Hamburg

Known locally, as the
English Church

Click here for the Church Website and event news

Church Facebook Page

400 Year Celebration Page

Location on map

A Bazaar (see photos in the Hamburg Gallery) takes place once a year here in November. Many British products, such as Xmas crackers, books, food and also Indian food can be found there. Many Christmas cards are also for sale. It is also possible to win high quality prizes in the raffle. For details and other events, contact the church. The church has installed a sound system, using the proceeds from a successful benefit concert. Regular concerts and fund-rasing events take place

Details of the bazaar can usually be heard on the Hamburg based radio station NDR 90.3, just before the bazaar starts.

Trains: U-Bahn is St. Pauli - U3 yellow line.
The nearest S-Bahn is Landungsbrücken - S1 green line/S3 brown line etc. The car park is on Zeughausmarkt and requires a disc (2 hours). Near to the landmark church St. Michaelis

Top Methodist Church


Worshiping in the Adventhaus (SDA/STA Altona center)

Schillerstrasse 31, 27767 Hamburg-Altona (Altstadt).

Seven-minute walk from myriad public transportation lines to rail
station Altona including S-1, S-3, S-31

Worship services in English - see:



The website includes details. Web address updated by request in Sept 2008. Last text update: Sept 2020

Top Roman Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth

Oberstr. 65 20144 Hamburg


Holy Mass celebrated in English every Sunday at midday.

Church Office
Tel: 040/41 40 63 . 0
Fax: 040/41 40 63 .63

Top Baptist
The International Baptist Church of Hamburg


Michaelispassage 1
20459 Hamburg

Church Office
Grossneumarkt 24
20459 Hamburg

Phone: 0049 - (0) 40 63607766

Worship service in english.
The IBC Hamburg Website includes more details

Top St. Paul's Church in Hamburg

Top Top

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