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An international garden show that was in Hamburg and is now a park

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County Garden Show. Now the Norderstedt Town Park, with swimming facilties, many events and beach! Details below | Rough English Translation | Location and Map

Now called Summer Garden, with events and cafes nearby

Press release image used with permission


Now a park, a visit would require an overnight stay, if travelling from Hamburg
As with most garden shows, the area is worth visiting in the years to follow. Duration of the Federal Horticultural Show Coblenz 2011 was 15th April to 16th October 2011. Press release image used with permission, via press release in English


Day Trip Tip - rough translation, click photo left or above. Two days are really needed, if you include the castle and historic town centre. The former garden show area is now a park

How it started...

German Federal Horticultural Show. Photos and videos taken by Hamburg English Pages

Six videos cover a 12 hour visit, including the castle grounds and and the former show. Select photos or click



Whether you visited the fairy-tale castle, the horticultural show, or the town of Schwerin itself, it was all well worth a visit, even now that the show is over. Schwerin lies in the former east and is only one-and-half-hours drive from Hamburg. BUGA 2009 was sponsored by the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Our visit started at 9:30am and finished 12 hours later. Sadly we were unable to include the historic town centre, but we are certain to be there again, some time soon. Six videos have been created from photos and short videos and can be seen by visiting our Gallery website or our YouTube channel. This link will allow you to see all six videos at once: video playlist

The horticultural show consisted of seven gardens (see map link below) and featured a brand new 21st century garden and a further six historic gardens. From all the gardens, the castle played an attractive and central role. Throughout the show, cafés, restaurants and even a BBQ were available. Prices were suprisingly low for an event of this nature

An amazing amount of restoration has taken place, since the terrible neglect of the communist regime came to an end in 1989

We would like to thank the friendly and helpful organisers for welcoming us to the show and for the well organised and well designed information pack

Click for route planner, duration of journey and location

Website in English
Map of gardens

Schwerin tourist information office. Tel: +49 (0) 385 592 12

The videos were created by nicolls d.zine ©. Owner of Hamburg English Pages


BUGA 2011 IN KOBLENZ: Take care which website you find as one is not the official site and is very badly made > and www.buga-2011 as such click on the following link for the correct website > in Coblenz . Coblenz is too far away for a daytrip. Click for Location

July 2009 | Millions of ladybirds have invaded northern Germany, although Hamburg seems to have escaped the worst of the invasion so far... Click here

22.06.2009 - Birds spotted in Northern Germany. Oystercatcher spotted in Otterndorf near Cuxhaven. Normally found direct on the coast in large numbers. This one usually appears alone, on a field surrounded by houses

Oystercatcher / Austernfischer (German) / Haematopus ostralegus

Sound and video




One of the best places to go for plants in Spring is the Hamburg Fish Market and in Autumn you can find a large selection of Spring bulbs. Details here. Flash Player required to see slideshow left. Photos by nicolls d.zine ©

Queen Elizabeth Rose

In the Hamburg Botanic Gardens - Klein Flottbek

Plant Markets (dead link updated May 2011)

Use the market link below/next to photo above to reach the correct website. The Google Maps website link above was wrong in May 2011
Learn Gardening - from flower arranging to landscaping - BBC Website
Botanic Gardens Hamburg Plants - German swap and buy market May + Sept
Dragonflies in Hamburg (opens new page)
Use toilet rolls and CD cake boxes to grow Sweet Williams
See a wood full of Bluebells in England - Videos! nicolls d.zine ©
Spring Special Features continued

Sweet Peas

Using toilet rolls and CD cake boxes may seem wierd, but it has its advantages. Sweet Peas have long roots and these roots cannot be disturbed when planting out. Toilet rolls have the correct length and can be planted out with the plants. We also use full spectrum bulbs. Flash Player needed to see slideshow.

More about Sweet Peas >

Special Features
The Eden Project - Photos and Videos taken in Cornwall England - see Playlists.
The National Dahlia Centre - Photos and Videos taken in Cornwall - see Playlists.

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England - October 2007. We now have our own video and photo material on YouTube - link above. The panorama photo above was taken by nicolls d.zine for Hamburg English Pages - on 20th October 2007. We were not 100 percent impressed by the Eden Project. It was not bad at all though and very much worth a visit. Many awful so-called works of art ruin the landscape and the cafe's between the domes are badly designed. The only artwork exceptions were a series of full-scale animals created using drift wood.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall are also featured on our YouTube channel - click here

We now have photos and video material from the National Dahlia Centre in Penzanze Cornwall. Please visit for a selection of our videos covering various subjects.

As the first sharp autumn frosts begin to bite, protect small fruit plants such as strawberries by mulching around the base of the plant. One to two inches of straw or leaves is ideal to begin with, and small branches can be used to keep the mulch in place. Autumn is the time to bring plants used to warmer climates into hallways and greenhouses. Some of these plants may start dropping leaves straight away and may appear dead within just one month, but take care, new buds and leaves will form on many plants later. Don't try saving Bizzie Lizzies in a greenhouse. You may have luck over 20 degrees C.

With a long, cold winter which is usually typical for northern Germany, many garden animals and insects need as much help as possible now in preparation for the months ahead. Last Winter was unusually mild in Hamburg, but circa 10 years ago temps as low as minus 18 degrees C had been reached. We know this very well, as the engine block cracked on our Ford Transit, even though it had anti-freeze in it. It was parked next to Alster lake which had totally frozen over. This was the last time it froze over.

How To Grow

Reap your own awards, try growing tomatoes. This website has an excellent guide to growing your own, featuring tomato plant start, where to grow, soil preparation, when to sow seed, sowing tomato seeds, supporting tomatoes, transplanting, using grow-bags, care of tomato plants, pruning, harvesting tomatoes, pests and diseases, good varieties and tomato images. To visit the website please click the image.
If you prefer to buy plants, rather than sow seeds, then wait until May and visit the Hamburg Botanic Gardens swap-and-buy market. Dates can be found on the website: click here.

We sow seeds in February on the window sill, but you could also start just as early using heat mats in a greenhouse. Heat mats and propogators are not cheap and three are usually required. Buy carefully as many propagators are not worth the price the manufacturers ask. Test results in magazines may help.

Sowing seeds collected from your own tomatoes - a guide can be found here (pdf available if link is dead).

Why do shops sell tomatoes with the branches attached? Tomatoes taste better if picked and eaten straight away. The best way to maintain most of the flavour is to sell tomatoes with the branches attached. Freshness may also be an important factor.


How to Grow Roses from Seed

click here

Rose - unknown

Photo Features
Many flowers and Spring bloomers were flowering in Hamburg early January 2007, let's see what happens this year! We usually have to wait until April. On 3rd January 2009, Christmas Roses (Hellebore) and Primulas from last year were flowering in the Hamburg English Pages Garden
Botanic Gardens Hamburg - 14.01.2007
Botanic Gardens Hamburg - 14.01.2007

If a hard frost arrives, cover any early plants with sacks the day before. Please send us your seasonal photos.

Hamburg | 14.1.2007. A walk through the Botanic Gardens (Hamburg-Klein Flottbek) in January 2007. More of these photos on the Garden, Weather and Valentines pages

More photos in the Hamburg Gallery.

Conservation and Nature - add your country, links or ideas
Natural England | UK National Trails | National Nature Reserves - Scotland
Scottish Natural Heritage

Summer in Bloom
Photos taken in the HEP garden and in the Winsen County Garden Show in 2006 ©
Run mouse over images for info, if available (Internet Explorer). Other browsers have not been tested
HEP garden - English: Aquilegia or Colombine. German: Akalei
HEP garden - English: Aquilegia or Colombine. German: Akalei
Unknown - Taken in the Landesgartenschau
Rose - unknown
Rose - unknown
HEP garden - Campunala - German: Glockenblume. English: Bell flower, Bellflower, Harebell
Insect on red Dahlia - HEP garden

Summer in Bloom Continued

Send us your photos


Please send us locations and photos of Summer in Bloom. Add any café's or restaurants, you are aware of, near each location (optional). Basic directions would be helpful. Thanks!.

Photos below taken in the HEP private garden. Lilies, Geraniums, Dahlias, Carnations...


HEP Garden 2005 (C)

O thou, who passest thro’ our vallies in
Thy strength, curb thy fierce steeds, allay the heat
That flames from their large nostrils! thou, O Summer,
Oft pitched’st here thy golden tent, and oft
Beneath our oaks hast slept, while we beheld
With joy, thy ruddy limbs and flourishing hair.

Beneath our thickest shades we oft have heard
Thy voice, when noon upon his fervid car
Rode o’er the deep of heaven; beside our springs
Sit down, and in our mossy vallies, on
Some bank beside a river clear, throw thy
Silk draperies off, and rush into the stream:
Our vallies love the Summer in his pride.

Our bards are fam’d who strike the silver wire:
Our youth are bolder than the southern swains:
Our maidens fairer in the sprightly dance:
We lack not songs, nor instruments of joy,
Nor echoes sweet, nor waters clear as heaven,
Nor laurel wreaths against the sultry heat.

William Blake (1757-1827) was born in London, the son of a prosperous merchant who recognising his artistic talents sent him to drawing school. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to an engraver, and stayed until he was 21; before setting up on his own. In 1782 he got married; and in 1783 he published the Poetical Sketches, in which the poem was featured. However, material success largely eluded Blake during his own lifetime, and despite being both an accomplished poet and artist; it was long after his death before his enduring talents became well known to the mainstream

HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)
HEP Garden 2005 (C)

Birds in the Hamburg English Pages garden . Photos by nicolls d.zine for HEP ©

Great Spotted Woodpecker - Dendrocopus Major - German name: Buntspecht.
Not identified - suggestions welcome.

Blue Tit - Parus caeruleus - German name: Blaumeise.

Photos by nicolls d.zine for HEP ©.


Birds on the Alster in Hamburg

Great Crested Grebe - Podiceps cristatus - German name: Haubentaucher. Photos by nicolls d.zine for HEP ©


Spring. Please send us your Spring photos. We are always happy to take contributions for the Autumn Watch, Winter Watch and Summer in Bloom section. The only thing we ask is that particpants who ask us to display photos really intend to do so. Sadly we have had three people approach us who wasted our time many times. HEP Garden. Photo nicolls d.zine ©

February in Hamburg
FEB 2004

Winter Watch
Photos by nicolls d.zine for HEP ©.
Please send your photos

How to make Hypertufa Alpine troughs (Canada) that look great
and how to plant them (BBC UK)

E-Bay Annuals in Auction near Hamburg

Globe artichokes are related to the thistle and if allowed to flower their blossoms measure up to 17cm/7in in diameter and are a violet-blue colour.

The 'French' of French fries refers to the method of cutting the potatoes; to cut 'french' means to slice into thin strips.


The Dahlia Gardens in the Volkspark closed after frost on 18th October 2005. Frost destroyed the Dahlias on 10th October last year. You can order Hamburg Dahlias online: The HEP Garden Dahlias have been planted under trees and froze on 18th November 2005. They were removed shortly afterwards and stored in buckets of sand in a cool cellar after all earth was removed.

A few Dahlias made it through to December in 2004, in the HEP garden, as they are mostly protected from direct frost, 2006 was similiar

Photos by nicolls d.zine for HEP ©, 9th October 2004 - Dahlia Gardens in Hamburg. All rights reserved ©

Dahlia care pdf available by request. Please apply by Email or click here for website if available.

carribean-fantasy Deuil De Roi Albert.

Autumn Watch Selection

Please send your photos or let us know where to go to take photos.

Archive photos 2002-2004: Left, The Alster near the Alster Pavillion. Below left, The Alster. Below right, behind the Derby grounds in Klein Flottbek. Bottom, sunset on the Elbe - view from near Teufelsbrück. © Photos by HEP

Please send us photos. BBC Autumn Watch - please click here. Photos from other areas and lands are welcome

Hamburg Botanic Gardens indian summer and the Japanese tree which smells strongly of freshly baked cake until the leaves drop. (1st November 2005 - leaves had dropped) More...

01.11.2005 - Autumn colours - visit the Botanic Gardens in the Autumn

Photos by nicolls d.zine for HEP ©

Every Autumn, you can enjoy the woods in GB at their brilliant best, thanks to the Forestry Commission's Autumn Colours campaign. Foresters watch for the awesome autumn shades in every corner of Britain so that you can relish this riot of colour. Forestry Commission Website - updated pictures only available in the Autumn
HEP Garden - (C) Photo by HEP October 2005
HEP Garden - (C) Photo by HEP October 2005
Nienstedten Private Garden (C) HEP
Nienstedten Private Garden (C) HEP
Nienstedten Private Garden (C) HEP

Hagenbeck's Tierpark (Zoo) in Spring 2005 can be seen in the Hamburg Gallery
All photos below by nicolls d.zine - All rights reserved

The Alster



HEP Garden


HEP Garden


HEP Garden


HEP Garden


Top left, the inner Alster (Innen Alster), top right Teufelsbrück, almost opposite Airbus, and left, the outer Alster (Aussen Alster) on the Hamburger Strasse side, the other side of the lake to the US and British Consulates. 2 or more Café's are near all locations

Photos by HEP. All rights reserved

Please send in details of locations in bloom - Contact

Below - 5th February 2005 in the Botanic Gardens Hamburg-Klein Flottbek
Spring 2004 - HEP Garden - below Botanic Gardens - Klein Flottbek - below

You can see what jobs need doing in the garden this month, with a round up of essential tasks: BBC Website

Germany's Tulip of the year 2004 was Angelique - click - Britain's tulip of the year 2004 was Queen of Night. Both of these were in the HEP Garden in 2005, plus over 60 other varieties. October is planting time for bulbs - latest November, or buy bulbs (that have been prepared) in early Spring

A selection of over 50 Dahlia types, which bloom from June to October in Germany, will also be in the private HEP garden in 2005. Some Dahlias continued until the first snow in 2004, in a protected corner. Dahlias have to be overwintered as soon as the frost turns the leaves black in Germany. UK growers can leave them in, but they need to be covered with leaves or sacks etc

Spring Bulb Guide - A Comprehensive Listing of Spring-flowering Bulbs
Garden programme on MDR TV
Garden programmes on German TV
Click here for the list of the Dahlias which have been added to the Hamburg English Pages collection in 2005. Inspiration was gained from the Dahlia Gardens in Hamburg and from the National Dahlia Centre in Penzanze, Cornwall UK

Autumn tip: Cake Tree? - Kuchenbaum - Botanic Gardens Hamburg-Klein Flottbek. The Japanese tree that smells strongly of freshly baked cakes is well worth a visit during the Autumn before the leaves fall. We've noticed, it smells much stronger during early Autumn. Please click the graphic on the right for the full map of the gardens, while noting the position of the box in our cut-out of the map first. The position is approximate, so it is worth asking at the gate as well. The tree is not on the main path, but to the left of it, between NordAmerika and SüdAmerika, on the graphic, somewhere below the M in the word 'System' > >

Click here for photo and more on this page. Click graphic (right) for enlarged map and website with address. Train: S1 (plus S11 during rush hour, Mon-Fri) green line, Klein Flottbek, between Altona and Blankenese/Wedel

Click for original map

the hamburg english pages garden

the hamburg english pages garden

Planten un Blumen (Park) Tropical Greenhouse (Tropengewächshaus) Hamburg - Click here or here for second website and a list of events and the address

Flowering plants are few and far between at this time of year, unless of course you visit one of the following UK glasshouses, where exotic flowers and trees can be found growing in abundance

Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

National Botanic Garden of Wales

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Eden Project

A Year at Kew, BBC Two

Every Autumn, you can enjoy the woods in GB at their brilliant best, thanks to the Forestry Commission's Autumn Colours campaign. Foresters watch for the awesome autumn shades in every corner of Britain so that you can relish this riot of colour. Forestry Commission Website - updated pictures only available in the Autumn - make a note now
September/October - prune and plant trees. Begin planning any structural changes to the garden, such as paths, felling trees, building sheds, laying foundations, dig ponds and buy your garden furniture and bbq's now at closing sale prices.

Sept, Oct and latest Nov, is the time to go to the markets to get your imported Dutch bulbs, local bulbs, tubers and much more - Tulips, Daffodils, Crocuses, Lilies, Iris... We recommend that you do not buy bulbs from DIY stores and supermarkets. They are often mouldy and much smaller, sometimes quarter of the size of bulbs from markets

Order Dahlia tubers now in advance and pick them up next year from the Hamburg Dahlia Gradens - reason: most people, in the know, do this and next year, there might be nothing special left over - Markets, see Out & About page


Tip: Buy bulbs loose and not in plastic bags. If in plastic bags, remove bulbs as soon as possible and put in paper bags until planting, or they will go mouldy. Add yellow sulphur and shake the bag - we bought this product in a garden centre in the UK as we could not find it in the Hamburg area. If you need a photo of the containers, please ask. Plant bulbs into deep self made boxes formed from sheets of wire mesh, to prevent them being eaten! Don't put late tulips in where you want your annuals to be. Photos: Hamburg Fischmarkt (Fish Market) Sun, 10.10.2004 - 9am


Featured Gardens. Would you like to see your garden on the Internet? Please contact us for details. We could visit your garden, or we can feature your top quality digital photos on Hamburg English Pages. If you visit any public gardens etc, please let us have the details

Garden Tips. Send yours today. If you would like us to take a photo of something you would like to feature as a tip, please send an E-Mail, or please send your photo with an explanation and guide. For photos above 2MB, please ask, if your provider has set a limit

Garden Wildlife... your photos here

Garden seminars, courses, guided tours and similiar... please let us know

Please appreciate, all photos sent to us need to be your property, or full permission needs to be given for use on this site. Please include your website details/E-mail, if relevant, your name and any contact details you would like published with your photos. All photos can be set, so that one click on each photo will lead to your website in a new window. This service is free for private individuals. If commercial, please ask first

Picture Guide: Geraniums

In Bloom This Month - what is flowering now - dead link replaced: 06.10.2004

Dahlia Gardens in Hamburg



Plant Market in the Botanic Gardens in Klein Flottbek which includes a tea, rolls and cakes café in the cellar - it pays to be there at 9am or else all the good plants will be gone - there is not much to choose from, but the quality is good. Knowledge of plants required. Most are not labelled:

Jobs in the garden - what needs to be done now? Photos of the Hamburg Botanic Gardens Plant Market are in the Hamburg Gallery - next market - dates and times on website, click Garden Shop. The Garden Shop is open from May for the season and also requires volunteers to help run the shop

A Selection of Seasonal Photos
Cockchafer Beetle Cockchafer (German: Maikäfer) (Melolontha melolontha, family Scarabaeidae). More than likely a male beetle, as it has 7 feather/antler like extensions - the female has 6. Length 20-25 mm. On shrubs and trees - often flies during the evening and may come to lighted windows. Used to be found in large numbers and often cleared trees of foliage. Earlier in Germany, they were collected to prevent tree damage, but are now rare. This one was photographed in Hamburg-Nienstedten near the Elbe - 26th April 2004. All rights reserved - More

Photos immediately above: HEP 22nd April 2004 in the area behind Airbus. All rights reserved
FEB 2004
2004 Botanic Gardens

The Garden, Nature and Countryside page started on 1st October 2003. Photo features are also be included in the Hamburg Gallery and seasonal photos can also be found on our Weather page etc

Run the pointer over the squirrel photo, below left

FEB 2004
Autumn in Hamburg
Hamburg English Pages Garden 2003 - Dahlia Hamburg English Pages Garden 2003 - Pink Rose
2002 - The Botanic Gardens in Hamburg - 24th October 2002 -  Maple Acer 2002 - The Botanic Gardens in Hamburg - 24th October 2002
Dahlia and Rose in pink, in the Hamburg English Pages private garden - 40+ Dahlia varieties planted in 2004 - hundreds more in Hamburg's Dahlia Gardens - June to October. Red trees above: Autumn in the Botanic gardens - Acer Maple in bright red Autumn colours - a difficult tree to photograph as it is usually surrounded by photographers or admirers
Featured Plants
The Blue California Lilac - BBC
Aquilegia, Columbine. The shapely blooms and attractive foliage of aquilegias, or columbines, make them ideal garden plants. More details and photos - BBC

This is a plant that might fill that empty gap under trees or in difficult areas
Common Name: Alexandrian laurel
Genus: Danae
Species: racemosa
Skill Level: Experienced
Exposure: Full sun, Partial shade, Shade
Hardiness: Hardy
Soil type: Well-drained/light, Chalky/alkaline, Moist
Height: 90cm
Spread: 180cm
Time to plant seeds: September to November
Time to divide plants: September to May

More details and photo - BBC

BBC Plant Finder: Click Here
Add your photos today! We can adapt your photos for website use, free of charge, for use on this website only. All we ask is that they are good quality clear photos in digital format. Please inform us if you want your name, E-Mail address and website address included, or not - if we do not receive any instructions, we will only include your name, if known - All photos need to be your property, or the owner needs to give permission. Please appreciate, all photos, regardless of how good they are, need to be adapted for website use - all photos on this site have been adapted. Details about other photography services and various other services can be obtained by sending an E-Mail from our Contact Page
Send your tips and contributions today - click here
News, Events & Features
A rare tree dating back millions of years has been planted at Kew's Royal Botanical Gardens by wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough - More...
Archive 2002: The Amorphophallus titanum is the world's largest flower in terms of sheer bulk and takes years of careful management to come into bloom. It is a giant lily from the rainforests of Sumatra. Its smell is similar to rotting flesh and can be detected up to a kilometre away. More...
Landesgartenschau Search - County Garden Shows - click translate links
The German Garden Link Collection - includes events, shows, festivals - click GB flag
NDR TV was out and about in the DIY store plant departments... result, go to specialist garden centres for healthy plants... pay a little more, or our tip, go to the Wochenmärkte - weekly markets, such as the Fish Market (see Out & About page etc)
Seasonal photos collection on the Weather page
Get your garden looking great with the BBC guide to jobs that need to be done this month and throughout the year - select the month etc from the drop-down menu on the BBC website
Pruning Tips - No garden is too small to grow some fruit. Even on a balcony it is possible to grow fruit trees in pots and strawberries in a hanging basket. When is the time of year to get busy with your secateurs and start pruning trees and bushes? Pruning tips from the BBC
Charlie Dimmock (BBC) follows the progress of the Duchess of Northumberland, who has plans to create the biggest water garden in Europe since Versailles - OPEN to the public
Google Garden News: UK + Germany + World ( sadly changes to German in Germany - for those that don't speak German, use or select on German page)
Bringing the Best Out of Bulbs 26 Sept 2003 -
Healthy Barbecue Recipes - BBC BBQ Recipes or Barbecue Recipes (Searches)
Dangers + There is a difference between barbeque and grilling - Barbecue safety
Photo Features
Hamburg Botanic Gardens - Snow 2004 in the Hamburg Gallery
Exclusive: Schloss Weissenhaus (Whitehouse Mansion) in October 2002 Click + top right
Schloss Weissenhaus 2003 + Dahlia Garden Hamburg - in Hamburg Gallery Click + top right
See Weather Page and the Hamburg Gallery for seasonal photos
Garden Forums New feature - more to come - please send links
Respected WDR TV Garden Forum in German
Hamburg Gardens & Parks etc
Planten un Blumen Tropical Glasshouse (Tropengewächshaus) Hamburg - Click here
The Garden Shop in the Botanic Gardens is usually open from circa 1st May
The Botanic Gardens Hamburg German or Rough English Translation
Dahlia Gardens - Hamburg - with translation OR see The Hamburg Gallery (Photos)
Germany's oldest Dahlia Garden, has been open since 1920 and can be found on the outskirts of the People's Park (Volkspark) near Altona. The park is open from the end of June until the first frost, or the end of October, from 7am to sunset. The park has over 14.227 Dahlias with 432 types recorded in 2003. Entry is free, but we suggest you top up the yellow watering cans with a small contribution towards costs. Usually, you can order Dahlias at the kiosk, which can be picked up the following March - a special order form is sometimes available, as is coffee, tea and ice cream. Toilets are at the back of the park and there are paths leading to the main Volkspark park - see our Dahlia Photos in the Hamburg Gallery - or visit this website > click here - see further down for English Dahlias
Hirschpark (Deer Park) Blankenese - Photos: nicolls d.zine
Planten un Blomen Park in the City near to the TV Tower & Dammtor plus the Botanic Gardens

An Illiminated Fountain Show can be enjoyed during the summer together with classical music in Planten un Blomen (a Platt-German name - see Learn English Page for extra Platt-German link) which is partly park and partly gardens. Watch the fountains dance in a myriad of coloured lights. Entry is free -

22.00 hrs
1st to 30th September until 21.00 hrs

Fountains with music during the season on weekends and holidays: 14.00 hrs. Fountains without music until 30th September daily: 14.00, 16.00 und 18.00 hrs - all times have not been confirmed

A childrens play paradise can also be found here and one of Europes largest Japanese Gardens, which was part of the International Garden Show at this location many years ago.. Visit the rose garden while you can, as the conference halls, the CCH, want to extend the facilities and are aiming to destroy the rose garden and all the trees around it soon! Save the rose gardens! See link on Homepage. You will also find a lake, a tropical greenhouse and various cafés

The second part of the Botanic Gardens can be found by travelling to Klein Flottbek with the green line S-Bahn trains. The Botanic Gardens in Klein Flottbek are near the Polo Club where the annual British Days take place on the last weekend of August. The gardens boast a Japanese tree which smells strongly of freshly baked cakes (see name on the left and ask the man at the gate where the Kuchenbaum is). If you know the common English name for this tree, let me know - see slide show photos, above left, to see the tree in October - All rights reserved - Photos by HEP

A visit to the Botanic Gardens in Klein Flottbek is well worth it - there is also an outside café (with limited choice) - no cover if it rains. Can be combined with a walk down to the Elbe. How? Start on the other side of the railway line, use Kanzleistrasse or go through the parks. Jenisch House is also nearby - an old English Park. The park area is sadly run down, but nice. Nearby annual events include British Day, Home and Garden and the Jump Derby - it's worth coming just to see how some people park during these events - hello 4x4 and Smart drivers!

Click Previous- Click Next

Click on Previous and Next for Autumn in the Botanic Gardens and a photo of a tree that smells of freshly baked cakes - also in the gardens in Klein Flottbek. Below, the name of the tree
Photos Autumn 2002 - Chris Nicolls
An Indian Summer in Hamburg. The first photo shows the Botanic Gardens in Klein Flottbek around the middle of October 2002. Not far behind these trees is the tree that smells of freshly baked cakes - especially during October - see right for feature article
We need contributors for this section. Your contributions, website tips, advice, and more on this page. Which country do you come from? Tell us about your traditions. All photos on this page by HEP unless stated. All rights reserved

Botanic & Tropical Gardens Hamburg:

Live Rough English Translation

German Original Website

Plant Markets (dead link updated May 2011)

German Gardens & Parks
Castles & Palaces in Northern Germany
50 of the best parks in mid-Germany
The best selection of gardens and parks in Germany
Sangerhausen Europa Rosarium Rose Garden
Nationalpark Hamburgisches Wattenmeer - Hamburg Mudflats National Park - not in Hamburg, but it belongs to Hamburg - on the Neuwerk Island about 105km in the direction of Cuxhaven - Rough Translation
See the Hamburg Gallery for the Dahlia Gardens in Hamburg - photos and videos. A CD with all photos can be sent by post, download or FTP. Prices on request
German Allotments in Osnabrueck
British & Irish Gardens etc
BBC Days Out in the UK - Visit Gardens Feature - January to December (dead link removed)
Water Gardens:
The Beth Chatto Gardens
Elmstead Market, Colchester, Essex CO7 7DB
Tel: (01206) 822007
Lake House Water Gardens Postwick Lane, Brundall, Norwich, Norfolk
Tel: (01603) 712933
Visitors are welcome by appointment only.
Stapeley Water Gardens
Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 7LH
Tel: (01270) 623868

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden
Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 3DY
Tel: (01765) 608888

Sissinghurst Castle Garden
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show from the BBC
Birr Castle Demesne in Ireland Thanks to Carolyn Kelly for this suggestion
English National Dahlia Collection website - we received the catalogue in 2003, which has many to choose from, but sadly very few photos. We use the Internet to see what they look like. They deliver to Hamburg - keep in mind that the temps are much lower, the warm seasons are shorter and the weather is not as good in Hamburg, as it is in the UK. Visiting the Dahlia Gardens in Hamburg, can also help - each plant has a name plaque
See the Hamburg Gallery for the Dahlia Gardens, as seen in 2003 - photos: Hamburg English Pages - each photo taken, has an extra photo of the name of the plant (only available by request). A special compressed photo album can be sent by E-Mail - depending on your E-Mail facilities. A CD with all photos can be sent by post or FTP. Prices on request. More photos in 2004 - From Dec 2003 onwards, photos taken with a 5.3 million pixel semi-profi camera (size circa: 1.0 to 3.5 MB each photo) - before, photos taken with 2 and 4 million pixel cameras
England: The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
England: Devon Gardens
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Worldwide Gardens etc
Spring Tip. Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Lisse near Amsterdam - click for text in English and for the town of Lisse in Dutch
Interesting private Dutch website - in Dutch and English
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust, Sydney Australia
Search for Botanic Gardens worldwide Google
Denver Botanic Gardens
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5000 Euro fine for feeding pigeons in Hamburg - official!!!
Tips & Reference Sites
Humanely catch moles - How to - Trap Example 1 - Trap Example 2
June/July. Pansy's need to be planted from seed, so they bloom next Spring
End of June, start of July. Roses need to be fertilised for the last time to get them ready for the winter. Fertilising too late would leave the wood too soft
Picture Guide: Geraniums Basal Cuttings Explained
Strawberries: Find out about growing strawberries, including recommended varieties - To get the best strawberries, put in newly bought plants every three years... Click here for a special Strawberry Festival near Hamburg... Pick your own in various parts of Hamburg - details not known yet. Picking tips in German etc
Never leave pots outside during the winter. Only glazed pots usually live through a Hamburg Winter. The freeze-thaw action, well known for changing the face of mountainous regions, destroys pots, as seen here. Photo: nicolls d.zine - not in the HEP garden - next door!
Building a Pergola - BBC Factsheet - here are more BBC Factsheets - Tip: Select the print view, rather than clicking through a number of pages
Cornell University Home Gardening
Garden: Identify Problems and Expert Advice BBC
Get your garden looking great with the BBC guide to the jobs that need to be done this month and throughout the year - select the month etc from the drop-down menu on the BBC website
Looking for bulbs, maybe Dutch imports? Try the city centre markets in the Autumn and again in the Spring - the quality is mostly good, although they could be cheaper. If you buy a large amount, try knocking the price down... it worked for us
Garden Invaders - The unique garden makeover show that tests horticultural knowledge
Useful Tips - Build an obelisk for climbing plants BBC
Mushrooms, Toadstools and Fungus (Pilze)
English National Dahlia Collection website
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Don't use old railway sleepers in your German garden. Firstly, they are impregnated with a deadly substance and secondly if the authorities catch you, you will have to pay a fine
Garden Centres, Sources, Markets & Flower Shops
Selection of sources for seeds, bulbs and tubers etc - German
Quality compost deliveries from official Hamburg sources - in German
Translation Page
The famous Hamburg Fish Market - Sunday Shopping & Plant Shopping Tip - 5am to 10am. Trains: U3 St.Pauli and S-Bahn Koenigstrasse. Photos: HEP, 2nd May 2004. All rights reserved
A unique event, every Sunday from 5am to 9:30am/10am (Starts at 7am from 16th Nov to 14th March). If you park your car in this area on Saturday night and go off to the disco or to any bars, it'll be towed away at 4am. Just before 4am, you will be amazed by the long queue of tow- trucks getting ready to cash-in, under orders of the traffic police
This is the place where the early risers go and where the party continues after the discos and bars close. Live music on two stages, German music, culinary specialties, plants, local produce... pure Hanseatic Hamburg tradition - not so much fish. If the harbour floods, this venue building is usually under water. It has been adapted to withstand regular floods. Tip: Prices drop at the end of the market. Please click here for more from an external website, plus photos and also here
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